Amsterdam Fashion Week: Winde Rienstra & Marije de Haan

Amsterdam Fashion Week: Winde Rienstra & Marije de Haan

Jul 17, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion, Photos
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Last Friday I had to go all alone to take photographs of the Winde Rienstra and Marije de Haan show. After running around like a headless chicken and showing up way too early, I got myself an A-class position next to the pros on the rock. A little afraid my amateurism would be discovered, I sat down on the ground and listened in to the conversations.

I was pleasantly surprised that the photographers were actually pretty down-to-earth and friendly people, completely different from what I had experienced while sitting in the audience. Someone even told me a joke about the lights and shutter speed, and while I had not the faintest idea what he was talking about, I laughed politely and felt a little acccepted by the group. Then suddenly, everyone got in position and stopped talking, until I heard nothing but the clicking sound of the cameras.. and the show started.

Silky Angels

Slowly, walking in sync with the classical music, the models came up on the runway. All in long silk dresses in white, beige and salmon colours. The models looked almost angelic; soft tones, nude make-up and tight knots gives them a pure and innocent look. Wooden constructions wrapped around the waist give the collection a raw accent. The shoes are made of –true story– LEGO.

The models came close to the audience and walked very slowly, giving the show a very personal and intimate atmosphere. It was all a bit magical and in my opinion one of the best shows so far. The collection is a perfect composition of soft and hard materials, innocence with a hint of raw, accompanied by beautiful music. It was like watching fashionable Cinderellas of the 21st century.

Beards, tattoos, piercings and old bald guys with potbellies walked around in striped shirts and raw coats

Bald Sailors

When Winde Rienstra herself came out on the runway, I thought the fairytale had ended. But then suddenly, the sound of a boat horn and a black and white image of a harbour woke us all up. This second part was the presentation of the collection of Marije de Haan. While Jacques Brel sounded through the speakers, it seemed like a couple of sailors had just arrived in the harbour and were now passing the runway of Fashion Week. Beards, tattoos, piercings and old bald guys with potbellies walked around in striped shirts and raw coats.

I didn’t know what to think about the collection, only that it formed such a contrast with the angelic faces I had just seen before. While everyone around me looked shocked at the end of the show, I realized that fashion probably is not always all about shiny dresses and high heels, nor about skinny godlike women talking only about low-carb diets. Although the world of fashion will always remain somewhat fictional and far away from our daily life, it was refreshing to see something more natural. To end with a hopeful message, guys: don’t worry if you’re losing some hair or gaining some extra weight around the waist, because maybe in a few years you’ll be prancing on the runway.

Pictures courtesy of Laura Inzaurralde

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