Amsterdam Fashion Week: Spijkers en Spijkers

Amsterdam Fashion Week: Spijkers en Spijkers

Jul 14, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion, Photos
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Hi, I'm Sophia, a fiery redhead in the wondrous world of Amsterdam. I find my joy in singing, good food, cocktails, cute hidden places in our city and talking to crazy, inspiring and creative people.

Yesterday was my turn to go to the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Laura took place on the ‘monkey rock’ with our camera while I stood on the side and watched the Spijkers en Spijkers show. Unfortunately we didn’t get seats this time, so I had to stand in the back on my very uncomfortable –but very pretty– high heels. Still, it didn’t stop me from enjoying the show.


While the last few people came rushing in, the lights dimmed and the music started. I recognized Sugar On My Tongue by Talking Heads, which fitted the first few looks perfectly. The girls looked sugarsweet. They had soft, wavy curls, their cheeks were rosy and their faces clean and cute like baby butts. The show started off with some cute dresses, made of soft, thin fabric. The main colours were sand, darkblue, red, aquamarine, and here and there some fluorescent accents. The cuts were mostly wide and comfortable, but still very feminine.

The music changed, and the models came back in darker tones. In between big collars, printed jumpsuits, colourblocked playsuits and matching trousers and blouses, suddenly appeared some more professional looking suits. Though serious, they were still super-feminine, even girly, because of the use of elegant fabric and beautiful colours.

..inspired by a circus in ‘The Roaring Twenties’

Spijkers en Spijkers did what they’re good at: creative use of colour and prints. Even when the cut of a dress itself was pure and simple, the prints gave it just a little more spice. The prints were all matched into several different outfits, which made the whole collection fun and playful, almost ‘mix and match’. The most eye-catching print was one of panthers playing with little coloured balls.

Fun and playful

The fun prints, the comfortable cuts, the bright colours and funny accents referred to a circus. Especially in combination with the large, clownish collars and the highlight of the show: a dog with a little clown hat on and a collar around his neck. The collection is inspired by a circus in ‘The Roaring Twenties’. Think low waists and finger waves. I also saw a lot of influences from the seventies, such as blouses tucked in pants and the female suits. The models were wearing great cat-eye sunglasses, black with coloured accents.

At the end of the show, when all models came walking down the runway together, it looked like a little party down there. Seeing all the clothes together made me even more enthousiastic. And when the two sisters Truus en Riet walked up from behind the wings, the picture was complete.

Photos by Laura Inzaurralde

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