Amsterdam Fashion Week: Jan Boelo

Amsterdam Fashion Week: Jan Boelo

Jul 14, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion, Photos
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Hi, I'm Sharron (26). Characterized as curious, easily bored and afraid to miss out. So always looking for a new adventure.

Fashion Week to me is a big bubble that’s been blowing up big a few weeks before the AIFW madness starts, and will burst just a few days after it ends. During that bubble even my down to earth self starts to dream about being a model, wearing all those beautiful masterpieces designed by geniuses known to most people as ‘clothes’. A lot of wishful thinking, but as long as the bubble is still holding strong I would like to keep on dreaming about all the beautiful colours, fabrics and goodiebags..

Baptism by fire

The show that I was going to enjoy was from young and talented fashion designer Jan Boelo. Jan Boelo, only 24 years of age, has had his ‘baptism by fire’ only a year ago at AIFW 2011. Back then Stacey Rookhuizen, Ans Markus, Bridget Maasland and many other Dutch celebrities where gawking at his catwalk. This time it was up to me.. And of course again Bridget Maasland, Victoria Koblenko, Sebastian Labrie and so on.

Jan Boelo is famous for his dark, sturdy, rock’n’rollish but feminine designs. In this show, he gave us some more of that. The show started with a film. The film was showing two models smashing burning cars. They were screaming and fighting to loud, agressive background music. He almost created the feeling that I should run, before something terrible would happen. The film switched into rock music and the first model passed on to the runway.

Trumpets and helicopters

You could tell that the theme of this show was war. Not only by the classic Berlin hair-do of the men, but also by the music that had helicopter sounds and trumpets mixed in. Boelo used leather and combined fabrics with a shiny look, both on male and female. Colours came in black and metallic, like silver, bronze and gold. There was a dominant factor of studs presented in a big part of the collection, most of them in trousers, skirts or belts. But the most eye-catching by far was the studded sweater.

On the female collection he presented necklaces hung with chains wrapped around the designs. Last but definitely not least, two dresses emerged out of the darkness. At first glance I thought they where lace dresses, but in a closer look I could tell they were made from old army camouflage nets. I think the image that Jan presented through his collection was that war had turned the world down. The only people who survived the war were the models on the catwalk. Strong, tough and unbreakable human beings.

Photos by Sabrina Beek

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