Cool Couples: ROOS & ROY

Cool Couples: ROOS & ROY

Jul 6, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion, Music
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Laura is a 25 year old nonpracticing psychologist. As a hopeless romantic she loves to write, dream and wander around the city looking for new adventures and inspirations. Stay tuned for an inside peek into the daily life of one of Amsterdam's inhabitants!

Every now and then I spot them: hand in hand, laughing about an inside joke, looking like an American Apparel commercial. Although I’m a happy single, I do sometimes envy these good-looking couples who are often artistic and interesting individuals that found each other in this crazy little swamp we call Amsterdam. Why is it that so many successful people also have a successful relationship? Does coolness bring people together, or, do cool people attract each other? I will try to find an answer to my quest by doing several interviews with some ridiculously cool couples.

I Sometimes have the feeling that I’ve been deceived by Hollywood regarding the epic-love-affair issue. I grew up watching Casablanca, Titanic and the Notebook, and now I’m obsessed with the idea of having some kind of legendary romance. Although some of you have already found your modern prince on the white bike, a lot of women around me are still seeking this perfect relationship. And I can tell you, it’s not that easy. The young, independent women of my generation don’t just settle for the next best thing. We can survive perfectly on our own, hell, we can even have a baby without the physical presence of a male. Maybe this is the reason why we have such extremely high demands. I mean, a guy should at least be as intelligent, good-looking, good with animals, fashionable, funny, creative as we are… right? Or is that too much to ask?

Ok, maybe it is. Back to reality, back to the Amsterswamp. A few couples around me might not be the exact equivalent of a Hollywood romance, but they do have some similar features. They just seem to be fitting like peas and carrots: both young, cool, attractive and socially advanced creatures that are actually better together.


Meet one of the coolest couples in town: Roos Neeter (25), creator of the local fashion brand Chillp, and Roy Lepoutre (26), creator of , bookings-agent of Studio Soulrock, and local DJ. She just opened her own store in the Baarsjes, he does amazing bar management for several events, including the GZG Zomerpark. They live together in a cosy apartment in de Baarsjes, where I interviewed them on a sunny spring day..

What’s the story-morning-glory?

Roos: “It was two years ago, I was in my party phase. It was a Thursday night so I decided; we’re going out! I met Roy in the Sugar Factory where he organised a night called MIKO. After that we had some Facebook contact and our first date. We’ve been together for two years now.”

Do you think it’s important that Roy is as creative as you are?

Roos: “When I met him he had been working on his thesis for a long time. I really pushed him to finish it and told him to take on some discipline. Now I really love what he does. His concept, BARENZO, is something he works really hard for. I don’t think I could ever do that. I admire him for being so calm and in control of things.”

Chillp Roos Neeter

How do you inspire each other?

Roy: “I really enjoy seeing how her business progresses. And we help each other in different ways; for her, I’m walking advertisement of course, and I think it makes a real difference when I’m playing at a club and Roos is there. I perform better as a DJ when I know she’s listening.”

Roos: “Roy is really relaxed and I’m always stressing out over things. Before, if I hadn’t worked a day I could really freak out about it. I’ve noticed that I’m way calmer than before I knew Roy.”

How do you feel about being in the same social scene?

Roy: “It is nice that you can share stuff and that the other person knows what you are talking about.”

Roos: “For me it can be irritating sometimes. For example, I don’t go out as much as I used to. But when Roy goes to a party, I know exactly what is going on, the people that will be there, and how the party will end. But I don’t think I would mix with a hip-hopper either..’

What are your plans for the future?

Roy: “I’m originally from Brabant, where I had a lot of space and nature around me. In Amsterdam I often feel like I’m always in a hurry, always doing stuff, meeting new people. We would love to have a farm-like house on the countryside for the weekends. We both really care about organic and healthy food. I want to integrate this ideology in the vision of my company. For example, I want to try and sell these healthy soft drinks instead of Coca Cola on festivals and events and making people aware, without people even knowing that they’re doing something good for the environment and for themselves!”

Roos: “I just opened my store (IT’S A SHOP) in the Baarsjes where I’ll be selling Chillp there for the next few months. My dream is to keep my label CHILLP more exclusive. In the future I will only be producing limited edtions, like the new “1 out of 30″ collection. Recently I started a collaboration with Masja Nieborg, it’s called Nnichi. We produce high quality t-shirts for creative organizations, who want to promote themselves in a cool way.”

Enrique's Groove

Feature image courtesy of Faye Lui

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