Bloody delicious burgers at The Butcher

Bloody delicious burgers at The Butcher

Jun 29, 2012 |  by  |  Food, Spots
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The vodka in my Bloody Mary. My appetizer, main course and dessert. My safe haven, the sunshine at my festivals and the home in homesick. The city that I know so well but love to get lost in.

You’ve been to Burgermeester. You’ve seen the Burgerbar. But third time’s the charm: add The Butcher to your favourite spots to stack-up for a long night, your midnight cravings and hangover cures. The best burgers in a Brooklyn vibe on the Albert Cuijp market. Enjoy.

From the Angus meat to their secret signature sauces and the perfect bun. The owners (from Momo and The Fabulous Shaker Boys) took a year to establish the best burgers in town. But not only the burgers are worth a visit: the interior feels like a traditional butcher with a design aspect to it. Drawings on the white tiles, a big cow hanging in the window and a glass wall through which you can see the magic happening. They’re opened from 11am ’till late. Go there and experience the great vibe, yummy food and all other secrets (!!) they may have in store for you.

The Butcher
Where: Albert Cuypstraat 129
Website: The Butcher
Open: 7 days a week, 11am till late

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