Bagels for Breakfast: Ewert and the Two Dragons

Jun 18, 2012 |  by  |  Music
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Toast? No way... Croissants?! Get outta here! We, don't only make all sorts of multimedia projects with Motion, Design and The Interwebs. We also make Bagels for Breakfast.

Bagels for Breakfast is a collaboration between and Young talented musicians at inspiring locations in one continuous shot. More Bagels for Breakfast here.

Each time, we are looking for those artists we love. Ewert and the Two Dragons is a band that has long been found among the most played tracks on our own playlist. During their visit in Amsterdam, Ewert and the Two Dragons dropped by the pirate-inspired Tattoo Parlour Ruyterhuis to perform their track Good Man Down with Anni Kaila from New Dance Company. Arrrr!

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