The underground film theatre tour: Studio K

The underground film theatre tour: Studio K

Jun 15, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Spots
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The average Joe enjoys kicking back at the movies in a comfy chair. That experience is enhanced in film theatres that have withstood the test of time and have a story to tell. Away I say! To the high-tech commercial factories with overpriced rubber popcorn and ‘plopping’ beer. A social movement needs to arise from the ashes and stop these commercial beasts from ruining the art and experience of film. Me and my companion Rutger Houweling visit the 13 film theatres of Cineville and set out on a journey into the underground film scene to bring you historic tales of woe, adventure and happy endings.

For the second edition of the underground film tour we visit Studio K, situated in the East of Amsterdam. Joline and Hanne (two young lasses) invite us for a drink and immediately start telling about the intriguing concept of Studio K. We soon discover that rather than asking what Studio K entails, one can better ask what it does not entail.

Multi-purpose cinema

Next to a cinema, Studio K offers a restaurant, nightclub, wedding location and much more. Every month they have jazz nights, mommy get-togethers and different art expositions. We soon realize that rather than being a good old-fashion cinema, Studio K is a melting pot for all things creative and offers a festival of culture, all blended together beneath one roof. Even the toilets look groovy, and that is something which is not easily done.

Mixing business and pleasure.

Studio K is situated in an old craftsman school. A few years ago the council decided to renew the neighborhood and invite some young and fresh organizations into the area, Studio K being one of them. The cinema Studio K is five years old and thus one of the youngest film theaters in town. In an earlier post we visited Kriterion, which is a cinema run by students in a democratic manner. Studio K is Kriterion’s little sister and employs an identical system. Both Joline and Hanne find it a great place to gain experience in business life. “We combine the student association and the business part together, which is an interesting combination.” In my opinion it’s the best combination: mixing business and pleasure.

There are always multiple projects going on at Studio K; from a French film night with sexy chansons to a random market on a Sunday afternoon, if you can find it anywhere it is here. During club night they like to mix it up offering the option to take a break from your wicked dance moves and check out a random film in one of their cinemas. Speaking from experience it is insane in the membrane! For instance, if you meet that hot guy in the club you can have a snog in the movies the same night… brilliant? I know!

Next to mixed club/film sessions they also take their football serious. For the Euro Cup you can watch the football match in one of their cinemas for free. The cinemas will be decorated in style, stacked with beer and even offer the option for a wee bet. Oh yes! Studio K owns a fish (Robin ‘vin’ Persie) that can foresee the outcome of the match and help you on your way to fortune.

Studio K

Where: Timorplein 62
Website: Studio K

Photography by Rutger Houweling

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