Film Fetish Friday: Cosmopolis, Kiss Me, Happy Happy

Film Fetish Friday: Cosmopolis, Kiss Me, Happy Happy

Jun 15, 2012 |  by  |  Art, Event
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As a freelance journalist, Anouk (26) usually writes about what other people do or like. In her precious spare time she watches arthouse films. Not a few. A lot, thanks to her trusted Cineville pass. Here she can finally share her film-fetish with the world.

To watch or not to watch? I will tour around Amsterdam’s cinemas and answer this crucial question every Friday. Without mercy, of course. Sucky movies will be slaughtered, cinematographic pearls will be appreciated as such. Or the other way around. After all, good taste is in the eye of the beholder.


After A Dangerous Method, David Cronenberg made another film I do not like. Although, the disliking of Cosmopolis has a very different reason. Was A Dangerous Method, about Freud, Jung and a tremendously annoying Keira Knightley, just very boring and uninteresting, Cosmopolis fills your body with chilly alienation. Robert Pattinson plays the extremely rich Eric Packer, who’s driving accross Manhattan in a strech limo just to get a haircut. His head of security warned him: it will take all day, because the streets are blocked due to a visit of the president. Packer doesn’t care. He rides along, while having sex, medical check ups and conversations about the economy and philosophical theories. Two things become clear: Packer is very smart and Packer lost all touch with reality. While his limo is attacked by anti-kapitalist protesters (think Occupy 2.0), he’s betting against the Yuan, losing millions and millions in a couple of hours. O yes, and someone tries to kill him.
Director Cronenberg probably wanted to make a statement about our economical system, but his message is a familiar one: too much money doesn’t do good. Not to society, not to individuals.

Watch this film in Cineville’s Cinecenter, Kriterion and The Movies. Also in Pathe (City and Tuschinski).

Kiss Me

Mia and Frida meet for the first time at the engagement party of their parents. Mia’s father is getting married to Frida’s mother. There is another marriage just around the corner, because Mia is getting married as well. At least, that was the plan. Things get rather complicated in this Swedish film when she and Frida fall in love with eachother. Not only a marriage has to be canceled, also their parents have a lot to talk about since they think very differently about homosexuality.
Director Alexandra-Therese Keining, who worked on the Wallander series, knows how to create an atmosphere. Too bad the end of the story is a bit too much like an American romantic comedy, but you’ll forgive Keining. ‘Kyss Mig’ is all you expect from a modern love story.

And here’s more good news: I can give away 3×2 tickets for this film. Just send me an e-mail answering the following question: ‘Inspector Wallander’ also has a part in Kiss Me. As who?
You’ll have ’till Sundaymorning 9 am to mail to right answer to If you win, you’ll get the tickets on Monday. Good luck!

Watch this film in Cineville’s Cinecenter.

Happy Happy

Read this title as ironic, because the couples in this Norwegian film aren’t that happy. Although, Kaya seems very pleased with her life as a mother and wife. When the new neighbours arrive she welcomes them with big enthousiasm. She thinks the new couple, with good carreers and a adopted child from Ethiopia, is perfect. It soon turns out that they are not, of course; and let the chaos begin.
Pretty amusing film, but after a while I thought: okay, the point is clear, now what? Well, now just more of the same. Because I have a weak spot for Scandinavian films (I blame my VPRO-childhood) I still recommend Happy Happy. Just don’t expect to be greatly surprised.

Watch this film in Cineville’s De Uitkijk.

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