The Youngwise is a cultural talkshow for the young generation

The Youngwise is a cultural talkshow for the young generation

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Nina Pierson is co-founder of PUP Amsterdam. An artistic platform for the young and promising creative crowd of the future. She's also a freelance journalist and here she will combine both passions and give her readers a sneak peak in the wonderful world of PUP and beyond.. "If I don't create to empty my mind I go mad."

Most of you have probably seen a couple of episodes of the famous Dutch talk show Zomergasten. It’s interesting but sometimes dated. In these times of racing technology, YouTube, Facebook and all those other cultivating developments we need a more modern version.

A collaboration between PUP & SSBA Salon

PUP Concepts & SSBA Salon shared this thought and decided to collaborate and create a newer version of ‘Zomergasten’ with young talent. As a result they now present The Youngwise, a cultural talk show where the new and old generation share thoughts, debate en inspire each other with their different ways of thinking.

Photography by Dim Balsem

Eva Bartels / Photography by Dim Balsem

What to expect?

A creative talent gets the chance to invite his or her role model for an extensive conversation about their sources of inspiration, work, and society. It draws on the experience and wisdom of the guest; the special moments in his or her career, the chances and the challenges one had. At the same time the young talent highlights his or her past, present and future.

The evening consists of two parts. In the first part both the young and the wise introduce themselves with help from different media channels so the public get’s to know them in a different way. After a short break it’s time to debate about art in it’s purest form. Expect questions like: “is the concept of notion dependent on the time we live in?”, “is art and the notion of art a universal thing. What has changed in society and has that influenced a young artists way of thinking?” and “what can we still learn of the older generation and which circumstances have changed for the better?”

Artwork by Jasper Krabbé

Artwork by Jasper Krabbé

Eva Bartels vs. Jasper Krabbé

For the second edition multi talent Eva Bartels (1986) got the chance to invite someone who has inspired her and influenced her work. Her ‘wise’ is Jasper Krabbé (1970) who began his artistic career on the streets as a graffiti artist under the name ‘Jaz’. He belonged to the Amsterdam Collective ‘United Street Artists (USA). Nowadays he writes weekly colums about fine art for the daily newspaper Het Parool and contributes to the program ‘ArtTalk’ on Opium TV.

Your host of the evening is Maurice Seleky, also a creative at PUP Concepts. He will guide the conversation between the young and the wise and try to pinpoint some interesting dilemmas and postulate theorems. Here’s a chance for you to join the debate and interact with the guests. It’s an evening for cultural entrepreneurs, and anybody who is interested in listening to different ways of thinking.

Maurice Seleky

Maurice Seleky

The Youngwise

When: June 21st, 18.30-20.00
Where: Pleinfoyer, Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam
Tickets: € 8,00

A cultural talkshow for the new generation

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