Stefan Ormeling's Friday night expo at Amsterdam Roest

Stefan Ormeling’s Friday night expo at Amsterdam Roest

Jun 13, 2012 |  by  |  Art, Event
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With everyone’s minds on the football at the moment, it’s nice to have some distractions here and there. Why not fix yourself up with a dose of art? Starting off with a really cool expo opening up this Friday at Amsterdam Roest. Stefan Ormeling is an upcoming artist in Amsterdam with an intricate style and attention for detail.

Born back in 1976, Stefan is a self-taught artist who found peace through working on canvas. Creating some wonderful works that are contemporary and personal, the effects of each individual piece are uniquely inspiring. Using contemporary and street art as strong influences for his work, Stefan focuses his personal style solely within the realms of street, fantasy art and surrealism. Testing out different techniques and materials such as acrylics, oil, ink, spray paint and pencil; these paintings are definitely worthy of a closer look.

Expo Stefan Ormeling

When: Opening Friday, June 15th at 20:00
Where: Czaar Peterstraat 213
Tickets: Free
Website: Stefan Ormeling


Photos courtesy of Stefan Ormeling

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