Bat For Lashes takes me by the hand

Bat For Lashes takes me by the hand

May 30, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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With fall and winter covered in darkness, spring proves refreshing with the rising sun. Like a mystery spring fills the atmosphere with fresh new impulses, the air is friendly, smells of opportunity and a boost of energy accompanies each ray of sunlight. A mythical entrance of a new season accompanied by a mythical voice, Bat For Lashes.

Like spring, Bat For Lashes knows darkness

Piano, drums, electronics, all in service of her voice. A voice which reveals the true nature of mythical seasons of past, revealing darkness does not have to be scary, eliciting a smile. Now a smile appears where shadows ruled, energy is generated where sleep was core, a renewed heartbeat.

Nonetheless like springtime Bat For Lashes knows darkness, it’s not one of permanence but one of balance. Where light and darkness can be seen interchangeably as part of their soul. A soul pierced by a vocalist that takes you by the hand, telling you darkness is part of light as much as light is part of darkness.

Therefore I grab her hand with confidence, accept the darkness, look into the light and smile. Knowing seasons change for the better. Smiling at the spring sun, the smell of summer rain, the feeling of autumn winds, and the taste of winter snow.

Bat For Lashes

When: June 28
Where: Paradiso
Ticket: €20
More info: Website Paradiso

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