Guest Of Honor: Nhar found the right balance between rhythms and emotion

Guest Of Honor: Nhar found the right balance between rhythms and emotion

May 24, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Nhar has to be one of the greatest electronica discoveries of the recent past. If you haven’t heard about this Cologne based DJ and producer, chances are you will very soon. Linked to the worldwide respected brand Kompakt, this producer is known for his warm and almost progressive-like productions, DJ sets and live shows. With his strong progressions, sensual pads and a deep overall feeling, Nhar will soon be in our country to demonstrate all his musicality. We asked him some questions in advance.

After being in the electronica game for more than 6 years, it seems Nhar is getting some serious international recognition, would you agree?
Yes I agree, I guess that since 2004, record after record, I’m finally getting some results and good feedback from many places around the world. Also, my move to Germany 10 months ago and entering the Kompakt booking agency are pushing things in the right direction. I’m now based in Cologne and I can move easily and more often through Europe. Recently I frequently visited Russia, Greece, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Spain, France and of course Germany.

Your productions are very diverse, often deep and I’d say more complex than the average electronic artist. According to you, who is Nhar and what does he sound like?
Yeah it’s true I like to play with variations from one track to another, but always in a deep and melodic way. It’s hard for me to tell exactly who Nhar is, I can just tell you that every track is like a picture that I got in mind. When I’m producing, I’m always searching for the best balance between rhythms and emotion. Sometimes it sounds really deep & melancholic, almost cinematic, and sometimes in a more discoid and dance floor way.

This 1st of June will be your first show in Amsterdam’s electronica temple Studio 80 together with Patrice Baumel amongst others. Are you looking forward to this?
Totally, I’ve never been to this place but I’ve heard a lot about the club. I also like Patrice Baumel’s music a lot, so I guess it will be a good night and I’m really excited about it!

Do you prefer to hang out and produce solid tracks in the studio, play a DJ set or perform live?
I would say both, because studio & stage are parts of the game. I think it’s a good balance to sit in the studio during the week and then go and take some fresh energy in parties on the weekend. But if I have to choose only one activity, I would keep the studio work cause I think making records is the best way to express my feelings.

By now you’ve played at many different venues and parties. What are the key factors for a perfect party and what is the best environment to perform?
I would say that an excited crowd in a good mood and a well balanced, powerful sound system are the two most important elements for me. Also a good line up which makes sense is essential. I really like performing in outdoor places or small smoky clubs.

Any colleague DJ/producers you can specifically appreciate or relate to at the moment?
At the moment I really appreciate the recent works and remixes of Ripperton, Petar Dundov, Andre Lodemann and TJ Kong… The last releases from Barnt are great too. And of course, I also really dig the latest artists we released on our label Correspondant, Offset from France and the Pulp Disco & the Outcasts from Manchester. And I would recommend you to keep an eye on French newcomer Ignacy Rome, he’s going to bring out a nice release on Parquet Recordings in June and his live-act is very cool!

Finally, what was your latest genius discovery? (artist or track)?
Lately, I really like this track from Tennis on the last Life & Death Records: Monocraft, awesome track, totally spacey and heart touching. On a different style, I just discovered this electronic pop band from USA, Poliça. I really like their album.

Want to broaden your electronica collection of vinyl? We have a special signed copy of Nhar’s Thelema EP in the house! Drop us your favourite Nhar track as a comment on this post on our Facebook wall and we might send you this wonderful EP.

Don’t miss out on his live show at We Are E with Nhar & Patrice Baumel at Studio 80 on June 1st together with Olivier Weiter, Terry Toner and our own rockstars Some Chemistry & La Vondel. Or if you can’t wait for that, catch him on XT3 radio‘s DeepMonday ‘We Are E special’ on the 28th of May.

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