Tour de Buiten Westen: Visit Wunderbar's cirque burlesque

Tour de Buiten Westen: Visit Wunderbar’s cirque burlesque

May 15, 2012 |  by  |  Music
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Part 5: Circus Wunderbar – stage host

Wunderbar is a concept that grew from the minds of the Bar27 crew. They wanted to create something crazy, something spectacular, something big: a circus for freaks. Rousing music, wild performers and burlesque acts form the world of Circus Wunderbar, a place where everyone can let go and feel completely free. After the complete mayhem that they brought to the Melkweg on December 27th, the mad collective are now on tour. Next stops: beach club Woodstock69 and Buiten Westen. I met with Wunderbar’s ringmasters to give you a small preview of what is to come.

Tell me more about Wunderbar. What makes this circus so special?
Nick: “It’s not just a normal circus, it’s a cirque burlesque. A sexy party.”

Erin: “Sexy is an important word. Beautiful women, dressed-up, deep cleavages.. We like to tingle the senses. The circus is a playground, but this one is only for adults.”

And the musical side? Can you explain the sound of Wunderbar, what is your dream line-up?
Nick: “Our sounds has two sides: on one side our main resident Olivier Weiter’s melodic sound which we showcased in the Melkweg with Guy Gerber and Gabriel Ananda last December, on the other side the more housy sound we have on the beach this Thursday represented by Art Department and Boris Werner. We are looking for a cross-over between the two with Wunderbar.”

Erin: “Maceo Plex and Marek Hemmann are two names we would love to have. Together they represent the whole spectrum of our sound.”

Wunderbar December 27th aftermovie:

Back to your origins for a little bit. What is Bar27?
Nick: “Erin used to live in a house with six guys.. at number 27. Olivier Weiter, Bar27 co-founder Gary, Jasper from Rauwkost, and a few others. Most of the artists it all started with. They hosted afterparties in their basement which grew and grew until at one point even Sven Väth called up when he was in town to ask if he could come by again. The parties were always small circuses with a lot of freedom and craziness. People dressed-up, felt free, and went wild. The same crazy vibe we now want to export to Wunderbar.”

Erin: “We’ve had a lot of good parties there. Sven Väth once played an eight hour set and we’ve had people like James Holden, Ricardo Villalobos and more over. We all had jobs and serious stuff to do, and in the weekend we needed a place to feel free and let go. Since then this all grew naturally into what is now Wunderbar.”

The first edition:

What will your Buiten Westen stage be like?
Nick: “If you look at the line-up, it is really strong. All the artists are on the same high level. It feels really compact. There is not one headliner with support acts, the entire day is filled with quality.”

Erin: “They are all seasoned artists. People who know how to handle a crowd and put down a show.”

Nick: “I am really looking forward to Shonky and Dyed myself, we have worked with them before and I think their sound is in a corner which we haven’t reached yet in Holland. The French/Parisian house sound they stand for is really swinging but also more melodious than the Detroit or UK variants.”

Erin: “The sexyness again. Beesmunt, Melon and Kouam Djoko who we all book often fit in well with them, while Rodriguez Jr. and Romboy fit in better with Olivier Weiter. The sound of the beach and the club are both represented at our Buiten Westen stage.”

Your circus is about more than just the music right?
Erin: “Of course! Their will be a real circus. Acrobats, dozens of dressed-up people who will make you look twice, the whole freak show.”

Nick: “Expect a burlesque spectacle!”

Erin: “We are extremely looking forward it!”

Buiten Westen

Feature image by Tomer Foltyn & Adi Adinayev

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