All is new at Indiestad #1

All is new at Indiestad #1

May 3, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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A love for all that is refreshing. Never too old to learn about what's new; movies, music or dancemoves.

Times are changing, evolution is something no one can stop from happening. No need to try and hit the brakes, no need to try and outrun what’s coming. All I do is sit back and enjoy the ride, appreciate that what is and embrace all that is new. Which is exactly the case in the upcoming event Indiestad, as Paradiso, the Amstelkerk and De Duif cover the city in a melodic blanket.

In order to funnel the overdose of hipstamatic sounds I tried to provide you with a small selection of what I believe to be worth seeing, listening and experiencing.

Monday May 14: Amatorski

Silent whispers, a slow beat, a fragile female voice and a piano. What better way to start Indiestad than by witnessing an angel perform in a church. On Monday Amatorski will unveil their sanctity in the Amstelkerk. Letting you bath in their perception of perfect harmony, creating an atmosphere where performer and public become one.

Where: Amstelkerk
Time: 20.00
Tickets: €15,00

Tuesday May 15: Hauschka, Dustin O’Halloran & Johann Johannsson

Classical music hasn’t been as classic as it used to be for a while now, and this new art can be described as minimal classic. Classical composers were great thinkers of their time, but the current generation of great thinkers defines classical music through their own interpretation. Recognizable, instrumental and compassionate like classical music, but far from dusty. Refreshing, clean and open for all to rediscover the source of music of past as music of current when Hauschka, Dustin O’Halloran and Johann Johannssan perform at De Duif.

Where: De Duif
Time: 20.00
Tickets: €18,00

Wednesday May 16: Woodkid

A dark drum, a high pitched guitar, a melodic piano, three themes in three songs. A great variety in music is is what defines Woodkid. A kid that defines the thread in his music with his deep voice. A voice that can be described as one of a father sharing stories with his adolescent other. Where each word is substantiated by a stroke of an instrument, as each word is carefully depicted for from a selection of significant others.

Where: Paradiso
Time: 20.30
Tickets: €17,50

Thursday May 17: Perfume Genius

One man, with a voice like an echo, defining the concept of daydreaming. It is the sound of fading sight, closed eyes, hollow thoughts and the entering of absence. All one requires when listening to Perfume Genius is a piano to pave the road and his voice will lead the way. Wherever the journey might take you, that what is guaranteed is an return ticket back to reality.

Where: Amstelkerk
Time: 20.30
Tickets: €12,50

Friday May 18: London Calling

Friday will be the first of two nights of London Calling, a semi-annual returning phenomenon at Paradiso where all that is refreshing gets a shot at performing for the bigger crowd. No genre borders will be put up, as a broad spectrum of indie, pop, synth or even singer-songwriters get to take the stage.

First band to mention is Austra, where an opera vocalist plays with synthesizers and thunder beats. As with every opera, Austra builds up towards the epos that each of their songs is, with the female vocalist filling the songs like a siren.

Grimes knows a similar set-up, as the heart consists of an electronic character and female vocalist. Grimes does however knows softer touches and a far less operatic high and low, but a more continuous flow pop-art flow of bouncy rhymes.

Bouncing is guaranteed with the string of King Charles, even though the lead singer looks like an ultimate mellow state of being one should not misinterpret his lushes hair. A somewhat Caribbean rhythm accompanies the hippie vocalist for the ultimate hip-swinging performance.

The more common Britpop-punk-indie-cult sensations, previously discovered by London Calling, will also get their air time as Citizens! and Howler come and smash their electronic guitars on stage.

We conclude with the darker side of the moon; Evian Christ will play slow hip-hop beats combined with unidentifiable ambient sound samples. Dimming the light for an ending of the first day of London Calling and the first half of Indiestad.


Where: Amstelkerk, De Duif & Paradiso
When: 14 – 23 May
Website: Indiestad

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