Sugarrushin' at Le Caféier

Sugarrushin’ at Le Caféier

Apr 28, 2012 |  by  |  Food, Spots
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Hi my name is Fione. I have always lived in suburbs and this is what I write about. I don't like mancaves that don't allow women, unneeded advice and people jumping the queue. I like photography, the smell of sweets and the sun. I was away for some while, but I'm back writing and photographing, bringing you articles about new to discover spots.

Arisen from the Tatziki ashes of Greek restaurant Petros is now a top of the bill lunchroom. On the opposite side of Rozen Theater, you will find Le Caféier, where possibly some illegal Raki is still hidden under the counter. The owner, Artin Seropian, is an Armenian native, but lived in Sweden for 23 years. The interior design is inspired on Scandinavian wood and stylish back-to-basic accessories. The jugs of water, containing cucumber and lemon are a common Swedish habit in local coffee-houses and his Swedish homemade chocolate coconut balls are worth trying.

A man with a mission

In the Netherlands he was owner of Koningsplein’s Australian Homemade for eight years, but he sold this store to start out a place where he could accommodate his cravings for authentic delicacies. Fresh made macaroons, lavender chocolates and Farrah’s Harrogate toffees are just a few examples of his goods and chattels. He took notice of these products during his travels around Europe.

I could really tell this hospitable entrepreneur has a passion for good food and fair trade products

His authentic sandwiches are partly French and Swedish inspired. Furthermore he sells homemade pastries like brownies, cakes, cookies and other yummy delicacies. With a direct-trade system he buys his Bocca coffee beans directly from the coffee farmers. Fresh as a newborn, the beans are roasted a few moments before serving.

I could really tell this hospitable entrepreneur has a passion for good food and fair trade products. On his tiny terrace you can enjoy a cup of some fresh brewed coffee, a big piece of chocolate-pecan cake and the sun for the rest of the day. You’ll even have more space compared to that tacky Brandstof joint around the corner, filled with drunken yups.

Le Caféier:

Where: Rozengracht 144
Open: Daily 09.00 – 18.00
Online: Facebook

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