Find Buddha on the dance floor at Awake Amsterdam

Find Buddha on the dance floor at Awake Amsterdam

Apr 26, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Oh my buddha! How am I to choose between all these parties popping up like mushrooms? How can I balance a rock & roll lifestyle with my daytime job? And find time to stay in touch with all my on- and off-line social networks? Stress of choice, pressure of performing and the addiction of accessibility are all ailments of our time. Finding inner peace and guidance in today’s overwhelming society can be a challenge. I believe young people are looking for meaning, stress reduction and happiness. But it isn’t a matter of finding it; it’s just a matter of waking up.

Awake Amsterdam is an event organized by ID&T and Rigpa Nederland who aim to ‘awaken’ and inspire the young public by familiarizing them with Buddhism. As some of you might know, Buddhism is more like a philosophy than a religion. It approaches life and happiness with logic that is rational and doesn’t leave much space for doubt. And isn’t it always a feeling of doubt that makes us uncomfortable?

For the second time Awake Amsterdam has invited Tibetan Lama Sogyal Rinpoche to give a teaching on ‘Inner peace in 2012’. Sogyal Rinpoche relates the ancient wisdom of Buddha to our contemporary context and does so by using simple language, spot on examples and compelling humour. I went to the previous edition last year and had a wonderful evening. You will wake up differently the day after.

But this is not all yet. The evening’s program is completed with musical performances by DJ Monte La Rue and Charles Davos (live). Relaxing the body on some fine beats works very well after meditating with the mind and heart. And for those of you who will be completely drained by the Q-day mania, this will be a refreshing and relaxing evening. Well recommended.

Awake Amsterdam
When: May 2nd, 19:00
Where: Theaterfabriek Amsterdam
Tickets: €25 (students €17.50)

Awake Amsterdam: Flyer

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