Forget about water and taste the juice at Bubbles and Wines

Forget about water and taste the juice at Bubbles and Wines

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Fine wines improve with age, but some people believe that all wines will age beautifully. Just like NOT all men age nicely, some wines are best young. In reality over ninety percent of all wine produced in the world is meant to drink right away; anywhere between now and six months. Which means that if we don’t hurry up and start drinking, some really good wine will go to waste. But, seriously, wine has the ability to be a great companion whether you are alone (not that I encourage alcoholism) or surrounded by people. So, why wait?

The best Wine Bar in Amsterdam

Bubbles and Wines is an absolutely perfect spot to appreciate wines from all over the world. There is an extensive menu, listing over 50 wines, and of course there’s plenty of bubbly to choose from. I always see great advantage in a place that offers a lot of wines by the glass, as you can try different grapes, or the same grape from a different region.

Along with other wine specialists, they previously cooperated on the launch of the first Pop-Up wine bar in Amsterdam which was open for November and December last year. Bubbles and wines was named Wine Bar of the year 2011, not just because of their product but also because of how and where it’s served. Usually it’s hard to maintain open wine bottles, however, they use a cooling system that regulates the temperature each wine should be kept in. This advanced system ensures the wine’s optimal quality per glass.

Another perk? You can pick a wine as expensive as you want. If you want to go all out there are numerous options, just as many if you are on a budget. The prices ranges from €4,50 and up. Ask your waiter for recommendations, and you might be able to have a wine tasting selection too. Let them be your guide!

I’m a sucker for the Sauvignon Blanc, and it always pairs well with cheese. What else could I want?

Bubbles and Wines

Where: Nes 37
Website: Bubbles and Wines

Photography by Andrea Huls

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