Italian style in Amsterdam is called Brandy Melville

Italian style in Amsterdam is called Brandy Melville

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Why would an Italian girl live in Amsterdam?! I love to discover this city through its artists, stylists, street outfits and trends. I love to lose myself and to get surprised by this country. Fashion always makes me smile.

Did you know that a few months ago a new fresh Italian brand opened in the center of Amsterdam? Its name is Brandy Melville. Being Italian and knowing the label well from since I was in college, I was quiet surprised to see one of my favourite shops in a main shopping street of Amsterdam: the Leidsestraat. What I always liked about this store is the inspiration taken from the L.A. lifestyle. When you enter the shop, you can see pictures of Hollywood celebrities on the walls and you can observe new vintage clothes on the shelves.

The style of the clothes is fresh, classic, affordable and fashionable. You will be able to find a lot of oversized t-shirts in only one size, cream shades, and almost no prints. Plain materials but with trendy lines and models. What I also appreciate of this central new store is the courtesy of the staff. I always met nice people ready to help you find a suitable solution. They are always ready to give you trendy tips and suggest the best choice for you.

Brandy Melville
If you are looking for an original way to celebrate a special event, Brandy is the answer. You are able to organize private parties in the store with your girlfriends and the staff will provide you with Polaroid pictures, cupcakes and a DJ! You will have the chance to personalize your needs and have your own fashion night. Every week you will find new pieces in the collection and remember, only one size for t-shirts and shirts. Enjoy the Brandy Melville experience. I am sure you will love it!

Brandy Melville
Where: Leidsestraat 43

Brandy MelvilleBrandy Melville

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