Guest of Honour: Benoit & Sergio and their labour of love

Guest of Honour: Benoit & Sergio and their labour of love

Apr 19, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Benoit & Sergio have grown into me as one of my favourite producing acts of the past year. This duo used to have a live act involving knee pads, a saxophone and headset mics. In the end they went with the classic dual laptop set-up, but that didn’t make them any less sensational; their flamboyant electronic pop gave nightclubs a much needed jolt that made them one of the most memorable acts of the year. Not many production duos get the crowd to sing along, let alone about horse tranquillizers.

For Queen’s Night, they’ll be back in Amsterdam for a special Blackout show together with Tensnake and Jackmaster. We asked them some questions, which they answered in a somewhat poetic fashion.

Guys, you seem to have gained some serious recognition over the past year, how has this last year treated you?
“Overall, the year was great. We’ve had many outstanding shows and put out music we are proud of. We got to see new places and meet many new friends. But the touring was also tough at times, both emotionally and physically. A labour of love.”

According to you, who are Benoit & Sergio and what do they sound like?
“We are often confused, doubtful, paranoid, insecure, and always anxious about our sound and talent. We tend to sound the opposite, robust and self-assured.”

The last time I saw these guys play in Amsterdam was in Trouw, a few months ago. This time they’re playing on a special Queen’s Night party on April 29th. I asked them if they have any idea what’s being celebrated on this event, and again the answer was quite poetic: “We look forward to meeting Putin. He seems like he likes to get deep.” Thanks guys.

Do you have any particular connection with Amsterdam by now?
“When we think of Amsterdam we see the silhouettes of thousands of hands grasping for the eternity that music sometimes reveals nonchalantly, unconsciously, as it emerges from the limousine.” Clearly, more elaborate than their vision on Berlin or DC: “DC for making party music, Berlin for listening to party music.”

I heard you guys were working on a full-length album? How do you manage to keep producing (quality) tracks and be on the road so much?
“Besides a couple of remixes, we haven’t put out a track in almost a year. So, to our great dismay, we’re not managing the road/studio thing too well. It weighs heavily on our shoulders at the moment.”

What was your latest genius discovery that you can share (artist or track)?
“Mary Ann by Alice Cooper off the exuberant Billion Dollar Babies album. It feels like one of those odd, throw-away tracks that you find on albums, but it brings out the purity of Alice Cooper’s musicianship, his range, and his mastery of genre. It’s the secret inner truth of the rest of the album.”

Any colleague DJ/producers you can specifically appreciate or relate to at the moment?
“Solomun from Hamburg, both as a DJ and producer, and as person who has made an amazing dance scene where he is from.

How would you explain the recent explosion of deep house and nu-disco around the world now? Do you think it’s here to stay for a while, or is it a hipster/hype thing?
“Tough question. We might be the wrong guys to ask, just because we don’t really listen to deep house or nu-disco (at least not consciously).”

Lastly, for any aspiring electronic producers out there craving for a career like yours; what advice do you have for them if they want to make it in the dance industry?
“There’s a tiny light inside every aspiring artist and around that light three voices whisper. One voice comes from the past and it will tell you to make music that sounds like your childhood memories. One voice is from the present and it will tell you to make nu-disco. And one voice is from the future, it will tell you not to make music. Listen to none of these voices. And turn away from the light. Dwell in the completeness of the dark.”

Want to catch their live-show? Don’t miss them at BlackOut Q-Night on April 29th together with Tensnake, Jackmaster, Casper Tielrooij, Thomas Martojo, Michael Jacques, Homework and Beesmunt Soundsystem. There’ll be 100 tickets available at the door!

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