The Offline edition of The Collector Concept Store

The Offline edition of The Collector Concept Store

Apr 12, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion, Spots
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There’s no need to be browsing for hours through the most fashionable Dutch online store anymore, because this online store has gone offline. On April 6th The Collector opened a brand new concept store in a thriving district, the Pijp. In a cute street the gorgeous store pops out. It looks very chiq and Parisians from the outside but when you step inside it does even more. It looks like an atelier that’s been build into a store. A long corridor leads to on open space with more windows and even higher walls. A place as special as the pieces, because most of the labels are not commonly available in other stores.

They pick the pieces with love and dedication

The collector is known for carefully choosing the most fashionable items and pieces. Online they create a world, not just a look. With their magazine they pick trends and looks but also new artists and designers. The store is filled with nothing less. Great designer pieces like Elizabeth & James and Anecdote are paired with vintage items, books and jewellery. Another great thing I spotted was lavender water and other lovely smells for ironing your clothes. Something I found very fitting for The collector. They pick the pieces with love and dedication and they want you to threat your items the same way.

I already had a sneak peek at the opening but will be returning soon since a lot of pieces and racks made room for a DJ table, drinks and (AMAZING!) food. This already looked like –I want to have everything- so I am exciting to see what they have stocked up more for us.

The Collector Concept Store

Where: 1e van der helststraat 1D
Website: The Collector

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