Poptasi pastry makes life dangerously sweet

Poptasi pastry makes life dangerously sweet

Apr 12, 2012 |  by  |  Food, Spots
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To this day I can remember clearly. It wasn’t too warm but the sun was shining brightly. A light breeze tickled my bare legs. There were chic French people all around me, (obviously, I was in Paris) and everybody was talking in high-pitched voices. It was my first meeting with ‘le macaron’ and all I heard were fellow enthusiasts whispering “I need to try this one!” or “That one looks so good!” in French. Which I -quelle dommage- can hardly speak, but I always imagined that they were talking about the cute pastries in front of them.

Dutch macarons

Since that visit the love has diminished a bit. Let’s say it was an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ thing. There wasn’t a place to satisfy my macaron sweet tooth…until now! Apparently, if you put an art director and a project manager together, they produce macarons. Not that I’m complaining.

Patrick and Sascha were already successful, but something was missing. They enrolled in school to become pastry chefs. After making cupcakes and numerous other delicious treats, they started developing an idea for a shop that sells nothing but macarons: Poptasi. Rightly so, they decided this was an awesome concept. In three months they found a building to house their shop, decorated it, and now it’s open. Pretty admirable, isn’t it?

Well it gets better. Just wait until you meet them: I can honestly say that they were the most sincere, enthusiastic duo I’ve ever met. And the macarons…They don’t crumble, they’re not too chewy, and the flavours (26!) range from jasmine to Baileys to chocolate chilli! I can’t name every flavour, you’ll just have to see and taste for yourself. Don’t worry, you won’t go broke, four macarons will cost you just four Euros, eight will cost you eight Euros and twelve; well, I think you’ve got the picture.

Macaron workshops and more

If you want to learn how to make the pretty sweets yourself, you’re also in luck: Poptasi pastry also organizes workshops. Most of these take place in the evening. A workshop lasts about 2.5 to 3 hours and afterwards, you’ll take twenty macarons home with you. Not too bad for 45 Euros. This will make a great girls night (even though more men than women would pop in to take a peek when I visited). This stroke me as a bid odd, since the store is like the princess fairy tale bedroom you never had: pink and gold, mixed with a bit of street art. It is Amsterdam after all, not Paris.

The logo exudes the same ‘rebellion’. It’s a cute little skull, with kitchen utensils for bones. This is because they used to call themselves ‘Pastry Pirates’. Their slogan also stems from the logo, when an American woman said; “Oh I get your logo, it’s because your macarons are dangerously delicious”. These words are now painted on the façade of the store. So beware of Poptasi Pasty, because they will be pirating your taste buds.

Where: Gerard Doustraat 103
Price: €1,25 for a macaron, €4 for four macarons and so on.
Website: Poptasi.com

Photography courtesy of Faye Lui

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