Mixtape Monday: Do Bunnies Lay Eggs? by KERK!

Mixtape Monday: Do Bunnies Lay Eggs? by KERK!

Apr 9, 2012 |  by  |  Music
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Rob is 28 (but needs his beard to actually look like it), loves music, adventures and spontaneous people. His scribblings are about these things too, so if you share his interests, stay tuned!

A mixtape from an Amsterdam based DJ every Monday to kick-start your new week. Archive here.

Befriended in high snowy mountains, collaborated in Amsterdam below sea level; Robert Mulder and Juri Miralles agree in musical flavour resulting in a complementary duo behind the decks: KERK! (CHURCH!). Keeping the 1s and 2s rolling with bass driven house and sexy techno is a simple interpretation of their output. For this Easter Monday they went extra deep. Deeper than usual. “It’s as deep as it gets when Jezus stood up from his grave and disappeared.”

01. Alex Danilov – Tell Me
02. Nitin – The Nine In One (Brett Johnsons For Steppers Only Remix)
03. Soul Clap & Gadi Mizrahi – Beautiful Thang
04. Dzeta ‘N Basile – Drowning My Sorrow (Cozzy D Remix)
05. Diego Moreno – The Pain
06. Grunbox – Dame La Mano
07. James What & Damian Lazarus, Zod – Rise Before Zod
08. Sam Wallace – The Creak
09. Fimo – The Funk (Tom Ruijg Remix)
10. Moustache Mamas – 21 & Lewis
11. Lauer – Trainmann (Tensnake Tranceman Mix)
12. Mark E – Plastic People (MEdit)
13. Michael Scott – Party In My Pants

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