Paul Simon, my first recollection of music

Paul Simon, my first recollection of music

Apr 6, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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The horizon is dancing, with temperatures rising to 40 degrees, accompanied by a humidity level which equals the content of an average swimming pool. Red soil surrounds me while driving along endless dirt roads and the sound of wind substitutes the lack of a cool breeze. I am on my way to Paul Simon’s Graceland.

Smelling the soil and sweating the climate

It’s the voice of Paul Simon that first entered my memory in my recollection of the concept of music. Thinking about living in Central Africa reminds me of bathing in its culture, smelling the soil, sweating the climate, dancing to its sound. The sounds filling my memory are those of Angelique Kidjo, Kassav and Paul Simon.

Although temperatures in Holland hardly ever resemble those of Africa, nor would the soil become any other colour then black, the music does transport me back to my childhood. Each electronic guitar string like a drop of sweat, each beat of the drum like a bump in the dirt road, each voice like the deep red sunset.

It’s the sound of Paul Simon’s Graceland that resembles my childhood filled with endless resources of energy. Music that defines not wanting to sit still. Music that knows not just one single movement. Music that made me dance around the house ever since I was a little child.

25 years later, still jumping around, still travelling the dirt road, still sweating, still enjoying the sounds of Graceland with temperatures equal to -15.

Paul Simon feat. Ladysmith Black Mambazo

When: July 18th
Where: ZiggoDome
Tickets: €55
More info: Website ZiggoDome

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