Next Summer's Hangover part 1: Outdoor festivals in May; preparing for early summer

Next Summer’s Hangover part 1: Outdoor festivals in May; preparing for early summer

Apr 6, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Too many plans for the summer? Let me narrow your options down by suggesting our cities best festivals where you can meet, dance and drink with Amsterdam’s finest crowds. After all, ‘a hangover ain’t worth the pain if the party is lame’. So here’s our advice for where you festival warriors should go to in May, to kick off the festival season.

Saturday May 19th: Pacha Festival @ Java Eiland

Amsterdam is getting ready for the debut of Pacha Festival in our town. Pacha is going all out to create a true mini-Ibiza on the Java Eiland. Anyone that has ever been to the magical island knows about this infamous get-together; nothing but top notch DJs, extravagant people, hotels, restaurants, music and fashion. Although it seems as if they’re not specifically targeting the creative hipster crowd in Amsterdam per se, you can expect a very broad line-up that will please any lover of the electronic genre. Organizations such as Cadenza Vagabundos, Defected in the House and Pure Pacha – All gone Pete Tong are all hosting stages and none other than my personal guilty pleasure Candy Dulfer will also do an appearance on the sax. Score!

Sunday May 20th: De Zon @ Sportpark Spieringhorn

With summer just around the corner, we ourselves want to celebrate this long awaited phase of joy with all of your friends at a brand new Next Monday’s Hangover event: De Zon, a celebration of Amsterdam’s biggest and brightest source of inspiration. We’re not doing this alone though, for this tribute to the sun we invited our creative friends of BandjeBandje and Pleinvrees to join in on the fun. What to expect? Blue skies, your feet in the grass, Speedos, bikinis, sunglasses, oil, flip-flops, more oil, frisbees, water spray fans and not to forget: Oliver Koletzki, Todd Terje, De Man Zonder Schaduw, Dekmantel Soundsystem, Olivier Weiter & Miss Melera (b2b) and Some Chemistry. Oh yeah, I totally sold this to you didn’t I?

Saturday & Sunday May 26/27: Amsterdam Open Air @ Gaasperpark

After the massively successful première of Amsterdam Open Air in 2011, it was clear that a follow up was inevitable. What began as a one day festival has now developed into a full weekender, with space to stay the night at the nearby camping site. Like last year, the four main stages will be hosted by Apenkooi, Carnivale, FORMAT and GirlsLoveDJs. The more intimate stages where I will probably hangout myself will be hosted by Pleinvrees, Nachtspelen, Cable and Midnight Freaks. I’m not even gonna start elaborating on the specifics of the line-up, I’m just gonna advice you to check out Midnight Freak’s stage on the first day and the Apenkooi and Pleinvrees stages on the second day.

Sunday May 27th: Secret Garden Festival @ Secret

Wow, this festival has hippie written all over it. Just listen to this: “the magic inherent in all living things flourishes in The Secret Garden. Here, music is the life force that pushes the flowers from the earth and lifts the dancers into euphoria. It is the breath of spring air that brings new life. Do you hear the golden beats that herald the entrance into Paradise? Paradise can be found on earth, in nature, in The Secret Garden.” Expect a Faul main stage, a Compound techno stage, a Loco bookings circus (live) stage and a Talent stage. A regular ticket is just €17,50 and drinks are guaranteed to be only €2,00. Dirt cheap!

That was it for May Amsterdam, next week we do June!

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