Make and buy art for charity at 1000 drawings

Make and buy art for charity at 1000 drawings

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Drawing something on an A5 sized paper and then buying someone else’s creation for only €10. And this all for a good cause?! Welcome to 1000 Drawings, on May 11th. This is truly one of the most fun initiatives I’ve come across in a long time. I love looking and talking about art but my attempts of creating masterpieces always fail miserably, which made me give up on being an artist a long time ago. I decided to stick to written word instead. However, even I want to run to the nearest supply store to buy A5 paper and go crazy!

Join the party

All drawings that are sent in will be for sale and the proceeds will go to FairPen Foundation, who developed a special program where children and teachers in Uganda are given the chance to make their own school paper. Professionals and amateurs are all participating. Upcoming established artist, your next door neighbour and you!

A Perfect Day for 1000 Frames from Kim van Poelgeest on Vimeo.

This is how you participate: draw anything, with anything on a A5 paper and send it to 1000 Drawings, Postbus 92292, 1090 AG Amsterdam. Piece of cake. All that’s left to do is coming to the Brakkegrond on May 1th to buy a drawing made by someone else, and – let’s not forget – to party! First come, first serve; so come early!

For inspiration some artwork by 1000 Drawings Amsterdam:

Feature image and the last picture by Gail Anne Howard.

1000 drawings

When: Friday May 11th, 20:00
Where: Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond
Tickets: €12,50 presale, €14,50 at the door. Drawing is included.

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