Expat Gone Wild: The Final Countdown

Expat Gone Wild: The Final Countdown

Apr 1, 2012 |  by  |  Art
About the author
Caroline (25) is a writer, an expat enjoying life at its fullest in Amsterdam and a girl born to party. She makes her Friday night plans no later than Monday morning and enjoys drinking verse muntthee just as much as hot-people-watching in the city.

They ride their trashy Dutch bikes like die-hard rickshaw cyclists in India, they know that going Dutch is synonymous for “baby, pay your own bill” and they stalk their naked neighbour in his curtainless flat just like he is stalking them. They are expats gone wild in Amsterdam and I am one of them! Let me share my stories about a foreigner’s life in this glorious town. You’re in La La Land before you know it.

Part 6: Time to do the sun dance

There are a number of situations in this city when you will not be able to call anyone or receive any text message because reception is totally down. You’re either in a subway tunnel, in some bar underground, on a massively crowded festival or…in Vondelpark when the sun is shining. 20+ degree Celsius, half a million people. The wait for this kind of party might be over soon, friends. No matter if you’re local or an expat: You are cordially invited to drop everything at this very moment, dance around the next tree or bush you can find and invoke the sun with me!

Now, if you think this is just another romanticizing piece describing summer just like it happens in every other city, then let me tell you one thing: YOU HAVE NO IDEA. While I’m writing these words, it’s actually depressingly grey outside even though it felt like summer yesterday and I was already taking out my bikini while having the Vengaboys playing in my head. In other words, I think I have never been to a place before that teases me as much when it comes to the arrival of summer like Amsterdam does. And even more so, I have never been to a place where summer would make such a difference in a city’s life and in people’s faces.

Spring time in Amsterdam means hearing people singing operas out loud while cycling on their omafiets, getting a stiff neck from checking out a gazillion of pretty people taking their hottest spring clothes out for a walk in the park and waving at prosecco-sipping Dutchies cruising on the canals in their fancy boats. Needless to say, we’re all looking forward to that. That’s exactly why from now on, I’m going to do the sun dance every day- and you should do the same! The Dutch sun gods aren’t too easy to please.

Summer Buzz

Since we’re all sharing a mad anticipation for the summer, I asked a few Dutchies and expats what they are most looking forward to when thinking of a warm and sunny Amsterdam.

Sanne (23), journalist from Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

Sitting at ‘the wrong side’ of the river (Amsterdam North), waiting for the ferry with my bare feet in the water and a hot cappuccino.

Brian (23), graduate student from Köln, Germany:

Cycling girls in hotpants!

Erika (27), social media addict from Helsinki, Finland:

Impromptu parties. In the street. On rooftops. In parks. On boats… Especially on boats… Even better if in conjunction with oranjegekte… :)

 Rick (24), copywriter from Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

BBQs, Bike rides, Vondelparking. And layers of clothes coming off!

Jessica (30), Interactive producer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

People watching at pretty much any sunny and busy terrace in Amsterdam… while commenting and at times hysterically laughing about all that passes by.

Featured image by Marcus Spaapen.

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