Patrick Watson makes the concept of time disappear

Patrick Watson makes the concept of time disappear

Mar 30, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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With time passing by as if no such concept has ever existed, all that fills the clock is memories. Memories cued by smell, sound and familiar faces. Time passing by while riding the train like I have been doing for the past months. Similar faces, cueing my new day at work. Just another day at work, while Patrick Watson preaches for a great escape.

Windows halfway down

The great escape made me fall in love with the music of Patrick Watson, believing the concept truly existed. No final hand wave, no final hug, a car that contains endless fuel. Windows halfway down with the sound of the wind rushing by. No need for sorrow, just a smile accompanying all that is new.

Tempo similar to that of a holiday, tempo that does not know haste. It is music for the quiet times, music that accompanies a Sunday morning that does not know an ending. A piano that hits any given tune, a voice that touches the only right note, a voice that functions as my pillow, a guitar that fills the sky with rain, a drum that quiets my heartbeat.

Music that also knows versatility, as versatile as the landscape I encounter on my great escape. Mountains that know many secrets, trees that hear everything, lakes that absorb naked bodies and skies that know more colours than any one person would encounter in his life.

Back in the train, grey and blue determining my morning. Faces I will forget in about two months. Landscapes that know no inspiration. Hoping I will soon learn to accept the faith of my great escape.

Patrick Watson

When: April 28th
Where: Melkweg
Tickets: €23
More info: Website Melkweg

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