Next Monday's Hangover presents: Buiten Westen, a new music festival in Westerpark

Next Monday’s Hangover presents: Buiten Westen, a new music festival in Westerpark

Mar 29, 2012 |  by  |  Art, Event, Music
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Today we can finally announce all the details of this year’s edition of our outdoor festival Next Monday’s Hangover: Buiten Westen. After Gaasperpark last year, we now move to the beautiful and central Westerpark. Six local initiatives for electronic music will all host a stage with a mix of DJs and live acts, and the entire park will be turned into one big carnival of art and entertainment. We will keep you updated of all festival news via, but for now these are the main facts:

Six stages, six hosts

Every stage is home to an Amsterdam based initiative for electronic music: Pleinvrees, Rekorder, Circus Wunderbar, BlackOut, Vrijbuiters and PaardenKracht. They each have an own distinct sound: from disco, to house, to techno. But all share a similar warm vibe too. Pleinvrees stands for a warm, more melodious sound and have Oliver Koletzki, AKA AKA ft. Thalstroem and Joris Delacroix leading the dance. Rekorder believes in house music without borders, with Max Cooper, Kollektiv Turmstrasse and more they will go from funky to tech. Circus Wunder is a modern interpretation of the circus. Music meets freaky entertainment with ringmasters such as Rodriguez Jr. and Marc Romboy. BlackOut pioneers a mix of the new UK house sound combined with a more classic US sound, Prosumer, Blawan and Levon Vincent lead the way. To round the festival off we have Vrijbuiters presenting their techno sound and PaardenKracht who will host a disco extravaganza!

Art, design, performance, experience

You need a lot of words to say something simple: Buiten Westen will be about more than just music. We believe art, fashion and food have as much of an impact on a visitor’s experience as music, and as hosts of this event we at will make sure that this festival will be a cultural event instead of just a dance event. Buiten Westen will invest strongly in art, design, performance, experience and everything else that tickles the senses. Regular visitors of Next Monday’s Hangover will already know what that means when coming from us!

Buiten Westen
What: Next Monday’s Hangover’s verzameling van vrije geesten en geluiden
When: July 21st, 2012
Where: Westerpark, Amsterdam
Website: Buiten Westen
Tickets: €35.50

♬ Pleinvrees ♬
Oliver Koletzki (DE)
AKA AKA & Thalstroem LIVE (DE)
Joris Delacroix LIVE (FR)
Mario & Vidis + Jazzu LIVE (LT)
Noir (DK)
360 Soundsystem
Nicone b2b Dirty Doering (DE)
Oliver Schories (DE)

♬ Rekorder ♬
Max Cooper LIVE (UK)
Kollektiv Turmstrasse LIVE (DE)
Einmusik LIVE (DE)
El Mundo & Satori LIVE
Wouter de Moor
Miss Melera
Some Chemistry

♬ Circus Wunderbar ♬
Marc Romboy (DE)
Rodriguez Jr LIVE (FR)
Shonky (FR)
Dyed Soundorom (FR)
William Kouam Djoko LIVE
Olivier Weiter
Beesmunt Soundsystem

♬ BlackOut ♬
Blawan (UK)
Prosumer (DE)
Levon Vincent (USA)
Makam LIVE
Thomas Martojo & Casper Tielrooij
Michael Jacques
Bob Nagel & Maarten Bloem

♬ Vrijbuiters ♬
Terje Bakke (NO)
Sandrien & Carlos Valdes
Freddy Spool
Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorf

♬ PaardenKracht ♬
Jacques Renault (USA)
Drop Out Orchestra (SWE)
Hellie Berry
Halve Soul
Vriendje van Ferry

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