Beach House as my daydream fuel

Beach House as my daydream fuel

Mar 19, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Due to a continuous lack of sleep, daydreaming has become my main daytime activity. Staring at my computer, watching numbers jump back and forth, speaking while hearing myself converse from afar, travelling while standing still, looking for that house, that house located in my dreams, listening to Beach House.

Infinite melody and a voice that never stops singing

Moments of waking up and realizing that I wanted it to be bedtime again are moments I rather not encounter on a daily basis. It’s energy that gets me through the day, however sometimes energy is a thing I lack after long hours and little sleep. During these moments music is the drug that provides me with that needed extra boost of energy.

Beach House can be described as a mellow state of being. Substituting the continuous state of sleep, floating on an air mattress and realizing that all that exists is the sun and me. Feeling each ray of light stroke across my cheeks, smelling the salty water, tasting the empty beach. Beach House can be defined by its infinite melody, accompanied by a voice that never stops singing. A voice that knows one partner, a voice that can’t destroy but only cure.

Waking up at 6.00 o‘clock in my own bed, no sandy beach or water on the horizon, nonetheless a clear sky, a smile on my face and Beach House accompanying my train ride towards the jumping numbers. Awaiting the next re-encounter with my bed.

Beach House

When: May 26th
Where: Melkweg
Tickets: €19
More info: Website Melkweg

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