Unleash your inner beast at Ontrouw

Unleash your inner beast at Ontrouw

Mar 16, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Joris likes to listen and play with music and has a broad interest in people and their creative outbursts.

This Saturday Amsterdam is challenged for its tolerance. Everybody knows Mokum is the place to be unbothered while smoking weed or humping hookers and when people all over the world still thought gay meant happy, emancipation of homosexuals and women was already high on the agenda of our beloved Dutch politicians. Personally I think that behind this curtain of touristic tolerance, there’s still a lot to improve. Luckily this weekend the Amsterdam party scene has the opportunity to show how open minded they really are when Trouw goes Ontrouw.

Tomorrow evening Ontrouw will be the stage for people who dare to express themselves. And since expressing doesn’t mean putting on your yellow trousers on casual Friday, Trouw has put a real effort in showing you what it means to step out of your comfort zone. From entering the club to the decoration and performances, everything is thought of and showed in a manner that’s unusual. Unusual in a way that they don’t release the line-up, not even on the evening itself, and unusual because you can live your sexual fantasies in the specially built dark-room.

We need more sex in clubs anyway!

The theme for the evening is ‘a new tribe’ but if you think your Pocahontas outfit from last Carnival is enough to impress the bouncer, it will be a lonely evening for you. Everybody with an open mind is welcome, but they want people to dress up in way they normally don’t when going out. Although I’m a little too shy to jump around in the dark-room as a troglodyte in leather and from a theoretical point of view it’s also pretty intolerant to refuse access to people who don’t dare to express, I still like the idea of a swingers extravaganza in Trouw. Just as the organisation would say: “We need more sex in clubs anyway!”

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