Getaway to Spain at Pata Negra

Getaway to Spain at Pata Negra

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“Otra sangria por favor!” The waiter walking by nods, and heads to get me another drink. There’s flamenco music playing in the background, under the dim light. I hear the buzzing and the laughter of other people’s conversations. I don’t feel like I’m in Amsterdam, but that I have been transported to a tapas restaurant somewhere in Spain. Pata Negra has been a lovely escape, not just from the weather.

What is it about tapas?

I truly believe that Spanish people have a different take on things. Live to eat, live to dance, live to enjoy. It’s never too late at night to have a beer and a few tapas. This is easily contagious when you are sitting at Pata Negra gulping down some bread with aioli, fried calamari, and chorizo. I’m already thinking what to order next. Food is meant to be an experience, and the better the food the more memorable the experience.

Tapas are a Spanish way of eating that originated in Andalucia. Years ago, this place used to be where Spanish people would stop by before heading to lunch or dinner, but it has gained a culinary glory of its own. Pedro Garcia and Andrés Santibañez opened Pata Negra at the Utreschtsestraat in 1997, to lighten up our lives. The restaurant is named after this famous and high quality Iberian ham, which is made from black Iberian pigs, that happen to have a black paw. The finest is called jamón ibérico de bellota (acorn). The restaurant isn’t shy about displaying its product, it’s one of the first things you’ll see when you go inside.

Sangria and flan

Eating tapas is not complete without the adequate beverage. For me, a cold sangria is the first choice. Sangria is a punch made of red wine with mostly chopped orange, apple, lemon, some added sugar and brandy. Pata Negra’s sangria was quite strong, but was still a perfect match for my meal. Sangria screams summer, it’s fresh and easy to drink. If you would like to try to make sangria on your own, you can find some great recipes here.

There aren’t any words to describe how much I love flan. I feel like I reincarnate Homer Simpson when he thinks about food, I space out and start drooling. A simple dessert that hits the spot every time. A cousin of the Crème brûlée, flan is creamy vanilla flavoured goodness covered in caramel. Need I say more?

Most of Pata Negra’s waiters are Spanish, the walls have scribbles all over them, it’s noisy and alive. What are you waiting for?

Pata Negra

Where: Utrechtsestraat 124
When: Sun-Thr 12:00/24:00 Weekend 12:00/1:00 am

Photos by Andrea Huls

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