Get to know Matt and his world of ubercool bags at UNDSCVRD

Get to know Matt and his world of ubercool bags at UNDSCVRD

Mar 16, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion
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For Matt Tielman, founder of UNDSCVRD, there is still a lot to be discovered. With his webshop, he is literally opening up a world of ubercool bags for men. He told me all about how he started his own company, which recently celebrating its first year of existence. And what a year it has been for Matt.

“UNDSCVRD is a long time idea of mine that I just had to put to reality. I have always had a thing for bags and accessories, but there was never this one cool store I could go to and find all the cool products for men. Therefore, I was always searching the web and reading all the blogs for the latest news on all the brands. When I lost my job early 2010 I decided to take the plunge and build my dream. And that dream is called UNDSCVRD.”

It should always be about quality, not quantity

Are you a shopaholic?
“Not as much as I used to be. I think age and having my own company cured me. I used to spend loads of money on clothes, shoes and bags (obviously). Nowadays I’d rather reinvest the cash I earn in my own company. But if I do go on a shopping spree I tend spend more on less products. More quality than quantity. Just as in my own store, I prefer products and stores driven by quality and passion.”

What have you learned from setting up your own company?
“It has been a life changing experience. You learn something every day. The biggest lesson would be pretty simple though: Do it. Make things happen. Assume no-one is going to help you (don’t get me wrong, because a lot of people will help you, just don’t count on it). You have to drive everything yourself.”

“What I also learned is that it’s important to stay true your original idea and keep things simple. It easy to lose track of what you’re in this game for in the first place. Remind yourself every now and then what you love the most about what you do. Finally, work incredibly hard but don’t forget yourself. Its easy to lose yourself in the frenzy but never stop taking care of your most important employee: yourself. So sleep, do sports and commit yourself to a little R&R regularly.”

Tell us about spring trends, what’s coming up, new products?
“Spring this season holds few surprises when it comes to trends. It is all still very ‘old school outdoor/ mountain’ inspired and backpacks are everywhere. Expect lots of heavy canvas with leather detailing. And there is always a spot for the leather classics. These items are truly timeless. And, last but not least, there is finally a little more colour coming through in the men’s collections.”

Tell us about the future for UNDSCVRD.
“Besides adding some cool new brands from around the world there will be a new website and the focus will be on strengthening our position in the European market. There is also a huge market in Asia that I would love to dig into. So there’s enough work to be done…”

Go check out what Matt has discovered for you at UNDSCVRD yourself here.

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