Korrekt Unikorn means hot electronic music

Korrekt Unikorn means hot electronic music

Mar 15, 2012 |  by  |  Music
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For all the electronic music lovers out there, there’s a new kid in town called Korrekt Unikorn. Korrekt Unikorn is an electronic music radio station and wants to provide a platform where party organizers from Amsterdam can show the public what they’re made of. Their focus is on the hot players in the scene with an emphasis on deep house, tech-house and techno.

Being a hot player doesn’t mean you have to be big to broadcast, the most important criterion is that organisations have an own identity and are true to themselves. So no matter which programme you decide to check out, it’s always authentic; the Unikorn crew only chooses organisations that they have an affinity with. And the Unikorn himself still has one hoof underground; the radio station represents a nice mix of underground music and more popular stuff.

That mix is exactly what you can expect this evening, when Next Monday’s Hangover is having a Morgen.am showcase on Korrekt Unikorn. The DJs, La Vondèl, ME.N.U, Sonurber and Ferdinand are still upcoming and underground, while the parties of Next Monday’s Hangover are leading nowadays. Also, expect some ‘re-live’ broadcasting for the upcoming Garden Of Eden event by the Unikorn. For now, I advise you to tune in tonight at 8pm and I can assure you Korrekt Unikorn radio will be in your life forever!

Tonight from 20:00 you’ll be listening to the Next Monday’s Hangover Pre Special on www.korrektunikorn.nl. For more info about the line-up, visit the Facebook page of Korrekt Unikorn.

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