Food Film Festival: You are what you eat

Food Film Festival: You are what you eat

Mar 15, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Food
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Hi! My name is Faye and I will be your guide through Amsterdam for the day! Enjoys randomness chat, good banter and will help you find the best dealers in fun, food and adventure.

A wise man once told me that the he found it remarkable how much people invest in expensive high tech toys and luxurious interiors, yet when it comes to buying food people want the cheapest they can find. “Food is something that you consume, that travels through your internal system and we want the cheapest deal!” He noted that investing in your body is the most valuable thing you can do, since your stuck with it until you die.

Starting this Friday the Youth Food Movement will provide three days filled with food for thought. Offering a food conscious trip by means of film, debate, workshops, art and music. Do you want to enlighten yourself on the value of food? Then visit Studio K this weekend!

Festival program

Four Dutch film premieres:
Mugaritz B.S.O
A matter of taste
Jiro dreams of sushi
Chocolate farmer

Cooking fun with famous chefs:
Ricardo van Ede, Harold Hamersma, Yolanda van der Jagt and Jean Beddington will offer a total of twelve workshops inspired on the films mentioned above.

For the kiddos:
Alain Caron from Junior Masterchef will present a quiz for kids and teach them how to make a vegetable garden and eat bugs! Yummy! All this will be followed by a rat who loves to cook, Ratatouille.

Youngsters fighting for food:
Youngsters who are against the current production and consumption of food will demonstrate their passion for change through an original initiative.

For more information on debates between citizens and farmers, art and music please visit food film festival. Tickets are available online and at Studio K at 11.00 on the 16th of March.

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