Next Monday's Hangover: Launch Party, BandjeBandje, Zeezout, Ontrouw & Boston Strip X Night Flight

Next Monday’s Hangover: Launch Party, BandjeBandje, Zeezout, Ontrouw & Boston Strip X Night Flight

Mar 14, 2012 |  by  |  Event
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Too many plans for the weekend? Let me narrow down your options by suggesting some events where you can meet, dance and drink with Amsterdam’s finest crowds. After all, ‘a hangover ain’t worth the pain if the party is lame’. Here’s where you weekend warriors should go to for next Monday’s hangover.

Thursday: Launch Party @ Pop-Up Club

If you ever go out to house partys in Amsterdam you must have heard of ‘Feestjes Met Korting’ (Parties with discount, FMK), an organization that provides all sorts of give-aways for nice events such as Bar27, Backstage, BandjeBandje, BOB (Pleinvrees), Cartel, Boycott, Stalker, BLA BLA and Club del Occupado. This Thursday they’ll be celebrating the launch of the renewed website with their own offline event, which they creatively named Launch Party. This will take place in the old Havana Club, which is now a pop-up club accompanied by artists such as Erin (Bar27), Schmutz (plakk) and Mick Rosserg (krak). Go make friends in the scene, if you know what I mean.

Friday: BandjeBandje presenteert: Rooms-katholieke zeeverkenners @ Chicago Social Club

Our good frieds of BandjeBandje will be throwing their first event of 2012. Their Easter party last year was a great succes. This time around it’s all about explorers, pioneers and a journey through the seven wonder seas. Expect warm, deep and dirty sounds from both the East and West. Two Romanian heroes, Faster and Arapu, will showcase the sounds of the East and local heroes Ferro, Flannels, Roderick Merkx & Gustave, Phoebe Ohayon and Celoy will represent the sounds of the West. To understand everything about this event, simply watch this. Go support Amsterdam’s favourite entertainers!

Saturday: Zeezout – Inviting Prins Thomas & Hot Since 82 @ Club Home

A new party is taking over Club Home this Saturday: Zeezout. Originally from Delft, they have decided to expand their boundaries and throw a nice get-together, featuring none other than disco-house master Prins Thomas (with a 3 hour set!) and upcoming UK deep house hero Hot Since 82 (with a 2 hour set). Of course these men will be supported by the best of local disco, house and other beatmatching disk jockeys like Samuel Deep, Kerk!, Larry de Kat, SHMLSS, Erik Sebastiaan, and Levi Verspeek b2b with Elkan Frank. Seems like Club Home has never been this hot, specially due to his new Funktion One Soundsystem! See you up front.

Saturday: Ontrouw: A New Tribe @ Trouw

Ontrouw is the annual party at Trouw where the club transforms itself into a place where everybody that attends feels free and inspired to transform themselves as well. Doors that are normally closed will be open. The rooms that clubbers have come to know by heart change into something completely new. Entrance is only for those that dare to let go of their normal lives, outfits, thoughts and fears, so step out of your comfort zone and into a new and exciting realm.” What does this all mean? That you probably won’t be spending the night alone. No line-up available. No cameras allowed. Sssst.

Saturday: Boston Strip X Night Flight with Breach @ Club Up

Finally, Boston Strip X Nightflight is back for a new combination in the Club up & De Kring in Amsterdam. This time they invited Breach (aka Ben Westbeech) for a crazy DJ-set. Ben is a very talented singer and producer, and collaborated with the likes of Jazzanova and Gilles Peterson. For his last album he teamed up with MCDE and Henrik Schwarz, not the least of names. His most recent performance in Amsterdam got pretty wild after his 3 hour set, so this bigger event is bound to hit you even harder. Boston Strip will host Club Up and Night Flight De Kring, as always with all their UK bass and house orientated residents. Have a heavy hangover Amsterdam.

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