Boost your lifestyle at Lite/Dark

Boost your lifestyle at Lite/Dark

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If you’re having the worst hangover, have been overworking yourself, or studying too much, you most likely need to indulge in something healthy but at the same time delicious. Lite/Dark so happens to be the place, where chocolate is a must, spicy combinations occur, and they have the cure for it all.

Be enchanted…

By the most amazing fruits and energy boost combinations. I myself recovered from a sleepless night with a drink called Red-lit 0100 that contains apple juice, pineapple, banana, straw-blue-black-goji and raspberry, coconut milk, bee pollen, maca and spirulina. It was delightful. Though I didn’t know some of the ingredients before, this explosive combination brought me back to life.

Pure chocolate will reduce your cholesterol and stimulate your libido!

A big plus for all the chocolate lovers out there, this place is all about healthy pure chocolate, 71% cocoa, soft and sweet. The purer, the better, their product is full of antioxidants. Research shows that pure chocolate contributes to increasing your blood flow, reducing cholesterol, liver cells repair, and to spicy it up in the bedroom, it will stimulate your libido!

The planet likes it too

While Lite/Dark is a juice and chocolate bar where you can relax and take good care of your body and mind, it’s also a lifestyle concept, not just for people, but for the earth. “Since we believe in a healthy and sustainable future, we use organic and fair-trade products whenever possible, environmentally friendly packaging and power supply.” They are not happy about using plastic bottles, instead of biodegradable paper cups, but this is a City of Amsterdam requirement. Help them by recycling your bottles!

On some energy boosters

Goji Berries: Had never even heard of them until I had them in my super drink. They’re grown in the Himalayas, help to lose weight, improve your sleep, great for skin, and have a positive effect on intestines, liver and kidneys.
Bee Pollen: Who would think pollen is available to us humans? Bee pollen is the most complete of natural supplements. They supply natural energy, benefit cellular and muscular functions and the nerve system.
Spirulina: Sipiruliwhat? Exactly my reaction. It’s an algae that contains three times more protein than meat. It’s rich in potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron and contains ALL vitamins. It contains lots of beta carotene, chlorophyll and EFA, which stimulate red blood cell production, helps protect against virus infections, certain types of cancer, and stimulates the immune system.

You can learn more about them, and wheatgrass, maca, guarana here. Find Lite/Dark at different events, or order online and have goodness be delivered at your footstep.


Where:Utrechtsestraat 22

Photos by Andrea Huls

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