Marbert Rocel doesn't fit into your average category

Marbert Rocel doesn’t fit into your average category

Mar 12, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Although taking it slow is something that I take very seriously, I also claim to be able to dance for 3 plus days. A tempo that changes as fast as my heartbeat is a tempo that can ease my nerves however. Beats up, down and right across the chest, Marbert Rocel is coming to the Melkweg.

Soothing in spring energetic in the winter

The ‘female vocalist with a pinch of electronica’ music is a style I come across quite often. As with any other music trend I seem to come across, describing the fusion with and crossovers from any other style no longer seems to cover the load as everything is starting to feel interconnected. And why should one limit himself to styles? People have made the quest before, why not follow them down less definable genres.

Even though some of Marbert Rocel’s sound can be pinned to a pop/house wall, it is the minutes that follow that catch my attention. And although all of the above might seem hard to follow, you will never lose sight of the direction of their sound. It is the jazz in their veins that pumps the music around. Each of their songs will start in their own tempo, but it is the combination of them all combined that completes the puzzle. Sounds for waking up, lazy afternoons, late nights and small hours. Soothing in spring, energetic in the winter and, they keep you going!

Marbert Rocel

When: March 22nd
Where: Melkweg
Tickets: €14
More info: Website Melkweg

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