International diversity at Kitsch Kitchen

International diversity at Kitsch Kitchen

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If you can’t wait for spring to colour your daily life, I recommend you Kitsch Kitchen; a shop that uses the most colourful materials to make bags, bicycle covers, umbrellas, agendas and more. The distinctiveness of this shop relies on the products that they import from countries all over the world.

Find your inner kitsch

Kitsch is a form of art that has been considered to be inferior, a cheap and tasteless replica of another style. With that said, why not embrace it? This method isn’t pretentious, it isn’t boring, it isn’t pure imitation. I love that something doesn’t need to be expensive to look good or serve a good purpose, like the blue wooden music box that I couldn’t resist buying. Trust me, there might be something for you too.

… quality products that are representative of other cultures traditions and taste…

This shop offers quality products that are also representative of other cultures traditions and taste. Recently, they introduced Indonesian lamps made of thin laths of bamboo, inspired on fish traps. Kitsch Kitchen cooperates with small workshops in Bali, supporting the people who work there and preventing the loss of old techniques.

You can find products and artists from Mexico, Thailand, USA and more. I have happily bought piñatas that have been a great source of entertainment at a few parties. Fill them up with candy, condoms or toys. Your call. Find your inner kitsch, and stop by.

Kitsch Kitchen
Where: Rozengracht 8-12
Open: Monday to Saturday 10.00 – 18.00, Sunday 12.00 – 17.00 hrs

Photos by Andrea Huls

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