Get educated about partying while only high on natural stimulants at BOB

Get educated about partying while only high on natural stimulants at BOB

Mar 7, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music, Sponsored
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The freshest party concept in town is definitely BOB: Bewust OnBewust: a counter movement against all the drug&booze use in the dance scene. BOB is about staying sober, and no, not in a boring way. The people behind BOB promote natural ways of getting into a higher state of mind. Their evening starts with a trance dance workshop, followed by a night filled with live melodious house music, massages, shishas, natural stimulants, bodypaint and more.

Live electronic music only

Most people who frequent dance music oriented parties will often see the (live) label stuck behind an artist’s name and have no idea what it means. Let me elaborate on this, because BOB has a night filled with electronic music but without a single DJ. A live act creates the music you hear on the spot, using a laptop and often multiple digital controllers and keys. The artist brings a library full of beats and melodies with them, but the full song exists only in their head and comes out slightly different every time. DJs on the other hand mix existing records into each other. Sometimes their own tracks, but mostly from others. Both require a lot of skill, but a very different skill.

Trance dance workshop

For 100 of you curious people, there will be a special 1,5 hour trance dance warm-up that will teach you how to go mental without using any liquor and drugs in a club. You will be professionally instructed by a live band, led by Willemijn de Beer. Don’t think you will experience this kind of activity at other events, people. Get educated!

BOB: Bewust OnBewust
When: March 10th, 21.00 – 04.00 (trance dance workshop 21.30)
Where: Club Lite, Jan van Galenstraat 24
More info: Facebook event
Tickets: €12.50 / €15.00 with workshop
Line-up: Rauwkost, El Mundo & Satori, La Vondel, Some Chemistry, Hauk ‘n Baum (all live)
More: massages, balloons, fatboys, coca tea, shishas, bodypaint, tarot cards, barefoot dancing, dressing up, arabic lounge

Flyer BoB 10 maart

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