Smart as Matter exhibition at Transnatural

Smart as Matter exhibition at Transnatural

Mar 6, 2012 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Again true to it’s name, Transnatural delivers with great design and art driven objects. Smart as Matter deals with design and nature and how the two interact and collide with each other.

Take for instance the Kaarsrecht idea by Pascal Smelik. He finds a way to let nature and the laws of science do the work for him. Liquid candle wax is either thrown in cold water or sprayed into it, the water and candle wax interact with each other creating beautiful organic shapes. These shapes form the basis of the wax mould. The mould is then used to create a plaster mould which aluminimum, bronze or glass can then be poured into. Creating candle holders or chairs from the results.

When you follow the exhibitions at Trans natural you can see products evolve from mere concepts and experiments into fully grown designs who eventually end up being bought by some of the larger museums.

Another fine example is the Gravity chair by Jolan van der Wiel, which we wrote about previously. Have a look at the small chair in person, admire it and get lost in its details. Until the 13th of march you can also view the machine Jolan uses to create these pieces of art.

Smart as Matter

When: Februari 24th – June 29th
Where: Lijnbaansgracht 148a
Web: Transnatural

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