Guest of Honour: John Tejada, electronica jangles and harmonies for 17 years

Guest of Honour: John Tejada, electronica jangles and harmonies for 17 years

Mar 6, 2012 |  by  |  Music
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Los Angeles based DJ and producer John Tejada has been releasing minimal techno since the early ’90s, often finding himself lumped alongside Detroit techno maverick Matthew Dear. These days, expanding on his formidable resume, Tejada creates ethereal electronic jangle and harmonies that complement each other. Think Depeche Mode dream pop and the classic songwriting of Johnny Marr. Personally, I’ve been pretty much in love with his productions ever since I heard his anthem The end of it all back in 2007.

John Tejada – Parabolas (Songclips) by Kompakt

I grabbed the opportunity to do a quick Q&A before his visit to our town at the end of this month:

John, it felt a bit quiet around you lately, up until you came out with a new album last year. How has this last year treated you?
“It’s been going well with the album and all, I’ve been feeling quite creative.”

According to you, who is John Tejada and what does he sound like?
“That’s really difficult to answer. I can’t think of myself in the 3rd person. That would make me a horrible person. I just try to make music that makes me feel good and happy.”

You’ve been to Amsterdam before, I’ve seen you play last year at the Kompakt ADE showcase at The Melkweg for example, but playing Studio 80 is a first for you right? Do you know the venue and are you looking forward to it?
“I’m not totally sure. I don’t know the venue but I am looking forward to it. It will be my first stop in Europe with my new updated live set!”

Do you have any particular connection with Amsterdam?
“Not really. Many European cities I have very close friends I visit. I don’t know anyone in Amsterdam and haven’t really spent much time there ever. Hopefully I can visit more often!”

You’ve produced a nice list of ‘melodic and intellectually crafted’ tracks over the past years and you’ve been around the world a few times too. Do you prefer to spend time in the studio or on tour?
“Definitely in the studio.”

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment up to now?
“Being able to do this for 17 years.”

What was your latest genius discovery that you can share (artist or track)?
“I always draw a blank when I’m asked about what I’m listening to or enjoying. I’ve been so involved in my new album and live sets that I haven’t been hunting for music as much which is kind of nice. One discovery lately was Sharon Van Etten. Her new album is really nice.”

Any colleague DJ/producers you can specifically appreciate or relate to?
“I really value the relationships I have with my collaborators. Arian Leviste, Justin Maxwell, Josh Humphrey, Daniel Bell, Marcus Intalex, Klute. I’m probably forgetting someone.”

What are your plans for 2012 and the near future? Where are you taking John Tejada next?
“I’m putting the finishing touches on my new album for Kompakt.”

Lastly, for any aspiring electronic producers out there craving for a career like yours: what advice do you have for them if they want to make it in the ‘dance’ industry?
“It is so very different to when I started out. I almost don’t know what to advise besides do what truly makes you happy. The rest will sort itself out.”

Want to catch his live-show? Don’t miss him at Studio 80’s We Are E show on the 23rd of March together with Terry Toner, Olivier Weiter and many more!

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