Steve McQueen turns Vondelpark into a blueish blues

Steve McQueen turns Vondelpark into a blueish blues

Mar 5, 2012 |  by  |  Art, Event
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The artist Steve McQueen who actually lives and works in both Amsterdam and London (Hi Steve) has had numerous exhibitions in the Tate modern, Museum of Modern Art Paris, and many more. His latest claim to fame was with the widely discussed film Shame. McQueen will give the city of Amsterdam a change of scenery. All of Vondelpark’s street lamps will have their white light bulbs exchanged for blue ones, completely transforming the park. Lights will be used to change the atmosphere of something we all know and love.

I’m really curious to see how this experiment will unfold. If you are interested in these sort of scenery changing experiences have a look at one of my heroes, Christo, who transformed Central Park in New York with his orange gates.

The transformation of our dearest Vondelpark is made possible by the Stedelijk Museum. Due to the extreme long time the museum was and has been closed, it now needs to resolve to temporary exhibitions in the public space (a nice extra). However, it feels like Amsterdam is lacking representation in the contemporary and modern art sector. Luckily the Stedelijk aims to do some interesting stuff from the sidelines by giving lectures and creating brief, but great, events. Maybe it’s time for the lesser known galleries/museums and institutions to step it up a bit to try and fill the gap. If you are one of the people trying to push the envelope, send me a message at

Be there when the magic happens on March 7th at 18:30.

Blues Before Sunrise

From: 07 March – 25 March
Where: Vondelpark
Website: Stedelijk

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