And the new Night Mayor of Amsterdam is...

And the new Night Mayor of Amsterdam is…

Mar 3, 2012 |  by  |  Music
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Amsterdam, you let me down last Thursday. Not sure if you guys knew it, but on that special night there were the elections for the new Ambassador of our Nightlife. We the public, the users and abusers of the nightlife, the lovers, the haters, the loathers, the devotees; we had the opportunity to decide who would represent us and fight for us, for what is ours. So standing in an almost empty Melkweg, I could really feel the energy and the unity that Amsterdam has…

After two years in office, Isis van der Wel is leaving with a few great accomplishments. Not only did she pull through on the 24-hour licences here in town, but all clubs now also get to pull an all-nighter 12 times a year. This in mind, her successor has some pretty big shoes to fill I can tell you. So Mirik Milan, you’ve talked the talk, now walk the walk.

I find it funny that a mere 200 people can elect an Ambassador representing the whole of Amsterdam.

The Contenders

The first candidate to hit the stage was Sherryl Netteb a.k.a. DJ Sjeazy Pearl. At just 24 years old, Sherryl was the youngest on stage. But nonetheless she knows what she wants and how she wants to get it. Representing the gay scene and fighting for equality she put on a good show and brought her followers with her. She won the jury’s hearts, but unfortunately not the crowd’s.

Next up was my personal favourite, Eddie the Eagle with their headman Arthur van Beek stealing the show. A chaotic and energetic spectacle, but still with clear ideas and realistic plans. The Eddie the Eagle Museum is a known name in Amsterdam’s cultural scene and they have organized a vast array of shows and projects. But most of all, everything they do is pure fun. But hey, you can’t win them all.

(23 of 29)

Number three on the list was Rogier van Twuijver. But due to a lack of internet and in turn a lack of inspiration, he wasn’t bringing anything serious to the table. Once the jury started their interrogation, Rogier was more or less booed from stage for not knowing about the stories circulating about Café de Duivel.

Before getting to the winner, who was manning the fourth slot, let’s pause for a moment and get inspired by Urja van Tongeren. A freethinking woman who brings spirituality to a whole new level. Urja carried the crowd into a mantra but drifted off a little too long, leading to the jury cutting things short.

Mirik Milan

First of all congratulations to Mirik. Even if he wasn’t my first choice, he won fair and square. He gave a serious and meaningful presentation of his goals and more importantly how to accomplish them. His ideas of creating a 24-hour city are heart-warming, taking the term nightlife very literally. Nightlife is more than music and parties; nightlife is shopping, working, eating, museums and more. Nightlife is freedom.

Nightlife is freedom.

Photos courtesy of Ernesto Bos

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