Happy birthday Chicago Social Club!

Happy birthday Chicago Social Club!

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It was only a year ago when Boom Chicago wasn’t feeling too well.. Up all night and feeling an intense pain. She knew she was expecting something, but never thought it would feel like this. After a lot of sweat and tears, suddenly, there it was. She couldn’t possibly have dreamed it would have been like this! A beautiful baby, the Chicago Social Club. One year later, Boom Chicago is still very proud. Here’s a flashback of all the sweet memories.

The new kid in town

When the owners of this new club in Amsterdam started, they wanted to add something to the party scene that wasn’t quite there yet. They saw a warm home in venue that is a comedy club during the day. The CSC is a relatively small club, and because of that it has an intimate atmosphere. The small lounge upstairs with a DJ playing the music makes you want to stay there, sit and hang out with your friends far longer than closing time. You could say that CSC has created some sort of living room, where everybody feels free to party.

The CSC is a very cozy club, which means the good vibe always comes early.

Party stories

The club has its own resident nights with Backstage and Super Social. Two different concepts that show us the CSC has a lot to offer. They also had a bunch of their own ADE parties this year. Which you could consider as an achievement for a club only six months old. They had an amazing line up with DJs such as Marc Romboy, Max Cooper, etc. But it’s not only the big names that make the CSC such a nice place to go. They also know how to alternate with new homecoming talent from Amsterdam such as Homework and L’Atelier. L’Atelier spoke to me about the night they played during ADE: “It was a legendary night with a lot of friends and loyal fans. They all supported us upstairs in the lounge. It was very intimate, we received a lot of love during our set.”

We from CSC hope that the people that come here understand what we want as a club, that we know what is going on.

We gonna party, like it’s ya birthday

It wouldn’t be the Chicago Social Club if they weren’t throwing four birthday bashes to celebrate their birthday. So come and check out your favorites, or better, come check out all four!

Chicago Social Club 1 year anniversary

What: Super Social
When: Thursday March 1st
Time: 23.00-04.00
Entrance: €5

What: Nachtdivisie
When: Friday March 2nd
Time: 23.00-05.00
Entrance: €9

What: Backstage x Awesome by default
When: Saturday March 3th
Time: 00.00-05.00
Entrance: €12

What: Meisjes Avond
When: Sunday March 4th
Time: 23.00-04.00
Entrance: €5

Feature image is of Bar27 in Chicago Social Club

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