Kings of Convenience are touring both their A- and B-sides

Kings of Convenience are touring both their A- and B-sides

Feb 29, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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When the sun shows its face again and the birds start talking, the silent darkness is lifted, the air changes in scent and it becomes clear that spring is on its way. With the new season on our doorstep the time is right for a new soundtrack by the great Kings of Convenience. They are coming to Paradiso to perform two nights in a row!

Inherent synchronized voices

Last time I saw Kings of Convenience was on the Sunday of MELT! festival 2010. After a pretty rough weekend the Sunday afternoon was reserved for relaxation. We were all packed together in a glass house on the festival site, and with 30+ degrees of heat it seemed like a less then promising afternoon. Nonetheless, the acoustic, up-tempo, singer songwriter feel of KoC provided me with a well needed cool down.

A- and B-sides

Each album of KoC leads you through a strange journey; each smile caused by a guitar stroke is followed by a tear drop from a violin. Somehow they seem to push my buttons every time around. With music that never seems to go out of fashion. These Norwegians are coming to Amsterdam to do what they do best, but seem to have acknowledged a longing for change in their performances. They want to grant their audience what they paid for, by playing their more popular (A-side) songs, but nonetheless also grant themselves the pleasure of playing their other less popular but nonetheless beautiful (B-side) songs. They’ve split their repertoire in two and will perform their A-sides in the big room on Saturday and their B-side in the small room on Sunday.

Whether it be the A or B night, I am sure a great performance will be given.

Although the concert was sold out in a blink of an eye, I would never recommend these Kings if I do not believe in the power of the web. Look closely at “more info” and share, tweet and socialize.

Kings of Convenience

When: April 7th, 20.30 and April 8th, 19.00
Where: Paradiso
Tickets: €25 (sold out)
More info: Paradiso’s website, Twitter feed, Facebook event A-side & B-side

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