Things I Like Things I Love knows what you like and love

Things I Like Things I Love knows what you like and love

Feb 24, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Fashion
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Sabrina (who is old as fuck) has more energy than a Duracell bunny, and uses it to dance in the newest clubs, eat too much junk food, play all the videogames, examine apps and shop - even though she has more than enough clothes. Sorry Earth.

So, you love vintage clothing but don’t have time to find that one special piece? Or maybe that one thing you’re looking for just never seems to catch your eye. Well, stop worrying , because the girls from Things I Like Things I Love already did it for you. And they’re about to pop up at all kinds of places with their unique finds.

Petra and Sanne are two of those people born with a keen eye for vintage. While I always seem to pick out black sweaters with holes in them, these girls can probably find the only leather briefcase in a specific camel colour in the entire IJ-hallen. They’re basically very fashionable hoarders, whose houses have gotten too small. Luckily for us! Dresses, blouses, belts, sweaters (men are not forgotten) but also vases, porcelain animals and of course the knitted goodies by neighbour Willie.


This Sunday (26th) they’re popping up at the Bloemenbar from 15.00, and they are expecting quite a crowd. If you like them on Facebook, you’re on the guest list. Be prepared to fight of heaps of people as they have already received 240 list requests, and only about 100 people can shop at a time. Come early! Not the fighting type? You can also shop their vintage goodies at our own event Zondagmiddag bij VLLA or on the 15th, 16th and the 17th of April at Bar22. Don’t forget to bring cash, and pop by on of these pop-ups!

Things I Like Things I Love Knows @ Bloemenbar

When: Sunday 26th, 15:00
Where: Bloemenbar, Handboogstraat 15
Sign-up: Facebook

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