A festive night of literature with Das Magazin

A festive night of literature with Das Magazin

Feb 21, 2012 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Magazines are crap. Quite an accusation, but in many ways true. Most magazines occupying shelves at bookstores are all covering shit. “Is your boyfriend cheating on you? Find out now!”. Paparazzi shots with the latest gossip victim block out anything with substance. And yes, I’m over exaggerating, but it can be awfully hard at times to get your hands on a top notch designed and well written, quality piece of work.

We are ready, we think…

Das Magazin

This Friday, Das Magazin will be holding a launch party for the “highly overrated” second edition of their literary efforts. After reading the first edition cover to cover, I’ve come to realize that this is something different. Something good. A magazine solely dedicated to real literature, with a correct dose of intellectual humour and a sophisticated variety of writers. The creators have made a strong point in what they believe in. Das Magazin is an einzelgänger in the magazine world, not caring what others think. It promises to be a fun night at the MC Theater, or shall we say a Literature Festival. A short presentation will lead up to the unveiling after which a nice array of DJs will get you through the rest of the night.

Das magazin launch party

When: Friday, February 24th, 21:00
Where: MC Theater, Polonceaukade 5
Tickets: Buy your Das Mag
Website: Launch Das Magazin

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