If you like photography you should definitely visit the Kahmann Gallery

If you like photography you should definitely visit the Kahmann Gallery

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Roy Kahmann, collectioneur of contemporary and vintage photography pur sang and owner of GUP Magazine will showcase a selection of work by internationally known photographer Willem Diepraam at his Kahmann Gallery this Friday. Diepraam started his career as a photo journalist with a Dutch newspaper and has specialised over the years in making outstanding, mostly black and white photos covering the many subjects he discovered and unravelled during his trips around the world.

I’ve personally met him last year at FOAM Amsterdam, where he told me that he’s unable to explain what makes a good photo: his talent is merely recognizing it. It turns out that some aspects of great art can never be explained, no matter how hard we try.

Willem Diepraam Rijksmuseum

The photos that are showcased at Kahmann Gallery are part of a collection of some 800 photos that Willem has donated to the Rijksmuseum last year. In his own words: ‘I feel safe with this Dutch museum, knowing that it is not part of the latest trend but will by all means last instead of being part of the latest fad.’

Great stories

Mattie Boom, curator at the Rijksmuseum, is present to open the exhibition: ‘The work by Willem Diepraam is all about great stories, but in their essence, told in a way that is both worldly and deeply personal’.

The donation, consisting of work made between 1960 and 2010 in Africa, Europe and Surinam, is pointed out by those in the know as his most important. Kahmann Gallery will exhibit part of the collection that eventually will be featured at the Rijksmuseum when its long-lasting renovation is completed. This means that in a way you can now have an exclusive preview of what will be showcased in the near future for the general public (tourists). Be sure to check it out!

Diepraam at Kahmann Gallery

When: Friday, 17th of February
Where: Kahmann Gallery, Lindengracht 35
Time: From 17.30 onwards
Tickets: Free entrance
Info: Kahmann Gallery

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