Brazillian soul at Samba Kitchen

Brazillian soul at Samba Kitchen

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While the Dutch celebrate Carnival ‘below the rivers’ once a year, I still want to experience the famous, colourful and hot Brazilian one. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to go that far, yet, but I did experience Brasil Fest which I told you about before. You could say I got the hang of the ‘Brazilian way’, especially when it comes down to food…

Samba Kitchen

You can imagine I was thrilled when I discovered a traditional Brazilian restaurant called Samba Kitchen at the Ceintuurbaan. First thing I noticed when I walked in, was the obvious presence of Brazilian guests enjoying life with comfort food known from home. A trustworthy proof of being in the right place.

I was kind of surprised by the way in which traditional Brazilian food was offered as an ‘all you can eat’ service, especially compared to the well known ‘Sushi concept’. There’s a buffet bar where you can scoop whatever you like, as much as you can handle. They offer an extensive salad bar and nice and warm side dishes. But! The best is yet to come!

Table service

A chef walks around in the restaurant during the entire evening, from table to table, with a huge knife on his side and a massive pen with meat. That’s right, you can eat fresh meat all night long, sliced up right in front of you and with only your plate as a stopover. During several ’rounds’, the chef slices different kinds of meat for you to enjoy while also explaining the origin of the tasty product. He even pledges that his meat comes all the way from Brazil.

At some point I lost track of all the different kinds meat passing by. But I can assure you this is probably the best place to get a great variety of Brazilian food at a fair price. And I didn’t even mentioned their Caipirinha’s yet. Brazil has come a little closer. Saúde!

Samba Kitchen

Where: Ceintuurbaan 63
Open: Daily, 18:00-23:00

Photography by Fione Teunis

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