Unbridled artistic endeavours and a good old party at new POP.UP 19.

Unbridled artistic endeavours and a good old party at new POP.UP 19.

Feb 16, 2012 |  by  |  Art, Event, Music
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Nina Pierson is co-founder of PUP Amsterdam. An artistic platform for the young and promising creative crowd of the future. She's also a freelance journalist and here she will combine both passions and give her readers a sneak peak in the wonderful world of PUP and beyond.. "If I don't create to empty my mind I go mad."

As a lot of you may know there’s a cliché saying “there’s a first time for everything”. As much as I don’t like to repeat others or myself I’m obliged to use the line just this once. Because there are a lot of ‘first times’ going on upcoming Friday (Feb 17th). The newest POP.UP club 19. is opening her doors and to celebrate this occasion PUP Amsterdam and the most naughty yet adorable dog of Amsterdam Hendrikus are organizing the kick-off. Besides that three fine, young upcoming bands will perform during a music showcase and young artist will make sure you’ll be culturally entertained.

Is there such a thing as original pop-up?

Let’s start with the location. What was once the not so famous Havana Bar (Reguliersdwarsstraat 19), is now going to be POP.UP 19., a concept by famous brewer Bavaria whom had the idea to generate a platform for creative Amsterdam and is motivated to finally make it a success. On every Friday and Saturday for the next two months, 19. will be a place where the young and creative meet and surprise everybody who’s looking for some inspiration or just a great party.

Young, promising and upcoming bands

Especially for the kick-off they’ve asked PUP Amsterdam and Hendrikus to join forces. And what happens when two ‘dogs’ fall in love? Yes, the feeling of flying butterflies with piercings through their wings arises. We start of with a selection of three promising and upcoming music bands who will perform for you in a private setting. Rina Mushonga and her band will give away a pre-concert for the real thing on the next day where the Melkweg will be her stage. Let me quote radio DJ Giel (3fm): “Goddamit, it’s been a while since a woman with a guitar hit me like BANG. Rina Mushonga did it, remember that name!”. Next up is handsome pop/rock band The Applejacks. They’ll ‘wow’ you with their exuberant performance. Click here for their latest single. Last but now least the dazzling Cata.Pirata will perform with her band Skip ‘n Die whom will release their highly anticipated debut album at the end of this year.

Good girls go to heaven, wild girls go to 19.

Sexy performer Eva Bartels will also be providing you with some wet and colourful entertainment in the one and only ‘shower in a club’. Every time Eva is on stage with her raw and extravagant style you won’t know what to expect. Artists Lot Madeleine, Ard Doko and Gieler are already working on personal pieces of wall-art, which they will reveal during the opening night. This exhibition, powered by PUP Amsterdam, will stay around till the last day of 19. somewhere in April.


When: February 17th, 20.30-05.00
Where: 19., Reguliersdwarsstraat 19
Tickets: €10,-. no pre-sale so attend early

If I Don't Create To Empty My Mind I Go Mad

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